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An all out heat assault on bed bugs

Heat Assault 500x


Bed bug extermination is not a simple task. Bed bugs have overcome all odds, and require extreme measures to eliminate from your home. Thanks to modern innovation, heat has become the number one choice for many pest control companies.

Heat Assault bed bug heat treatment equipment
Heat Assault bed bug heat treatment equipment
Courtesy of: Heat Assault
The best 5 star rating
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Bed bug heat equipment and extermination does come at a hefty cost to both the professional and the consumer. In this review, a 1,000 sq. ft dwelling area will be used as the base unit of measure. For the pest control company, the cost of a heat treatment system ranges anywhere from $30,000 USD to over $100,000 USD. For the consumer, the cost of a bed bug heat treatment ranges from $1,250 to well above $2,000.

In review: Heat Assault 500x

Company: Tamarack Industries

Country: Canadian designed and manufactured

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Overview: Tamarack’s Heat Assault is a heat transfer fluid system. Food grade water soluble propylene glycol is pumped from a 135 gallon tank, fed through dual oil fired burner coils, heating the fluid to a possible 210 degrees fahrenheit. Hot fluid is pumped through hoses which connect to heating fans (heat exchangers) in the dwelling. Multiple heat exchangers can be used in the dwelling, allowing for even distribution of heat.

1. Safety: The heat combustion source is located a safe distance outside of the dwelling. Diesel fuel is difficult to ignite; chance of explosion is reduced. Food grade propylene glycol (FDA approved) is safe for pets. In the event of a spill, the glycol fluid is slippery. 4.5 star

2. Heat source: 500,000 BTU/hr dual burner heating source. More than enough heat than required. Precise control of temperature. 5 star

3. Unit reachability: Optional equipment increases the heat assault reach to 30 floors (300ft). The optional equipment does come with increased cost. 5 star

4. Heat loss: Heat loss is minimal. The dwelling can be completely sealed, with no outside airflow required, minimizing if not eliminating all outside draft. 5 star

5. Time to heat: Using a six fan heat exchange configuration, a 1,000 sq. ft dwelling can reach temperatures of up to 140 degrees fahrenheit in less than 40 minutes. 5 star

6. Total heat capacity: Temperatures can reach up to 210 degrees fahrenheit, with extremely accurate control of temperature. 5 star

7. External power requirements: The heat assault 500x is completely self sufficient, with an onboard diesel generator. No consumer electricity required. 5 star

8. Ease of use: Operation of equipment is simple to use, with straightforward panel controls. Hoses and heat exchangers are light to mid weight. 4.5 star

9. Maintenance: Requires licensed and ticketed HVAC specialist. Since this is not the pest control professional’s area of expertise. 3.5 star

10. Setup time: A 1,000 sq. ft dwelling requires between 45 minutes to an hour to both setup, and teardown. A significant amount of setup work is required. 3 star

11. Effectiveness: Time-to-heat is minimal, temperature control is precise and the amount of heat produced is more than enough. The Heat Assault 500x is a highly effective treatment option. 4.5 star

12. Bio-friendly: Both diesel and biodiesel can be used. The Heat Assault 500x is a bio-friendly pest control product. 5 star

13. Cost: The Heat Assault system has one of the highest price tags in the industry. However, safely heating an entire home is a significant challenge. Even though the price tag is in the neighbourhood of $100,000 USD, this does not dramatically impact the rating. 3 star

14. Heat Assault 300: The Heat Assault 300 is Tamarack's entry level 300,000 BTU/hr model, reaching 12 floors, with a price tag of $60,000 USD. This model is priced right for many companies wanting to start treating bed bugs with heat. 5 star

The Canadian built Heat Assault receives the highest level of excellence and is a top rated 5 star pest control product. Bed bug exterminators that use this product will be highly successful in their fight against bed bugs.

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