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American Survival Guide Magazine come back a big hit

American Survival Guide July issue
Merlyn Seeley

American Survival Guide Magazine


Sometime in the 1990's most of us can remember the wave of American Survival Guide magazine (ASG). It used to be pretty darn popular and was seen on every store shelf, almost. Inside we could look forward to reading about guns, survival, how to articles and "what to do if" articles, too "I survived" pieces. The articles, the guide, was a great magazine. People everywhere had one, and then it disappeared. Until last year, to be exact, the magazine everyone adored and read religiously was not to be seen, never to be heard from again. Then, again, as quick as it disappeared, in 2012, it resurfaced.

Now, 2014, better than ever, the magazine is flourishing. With today's movements of self sufficiency, sustainability, off grid living and homesteading, to name a few, people have really been turned on by this magazine it seems. It is still here after 2 years and from an insider source, I have learned that the magazine is, once again, thriving. The July issue, 2014, of ASG is by far, the best one I've seen yet, although I do have many of their issues now and they are all very good. July 2014, we seen their special edition called "Complete Guide To Living Off The Grid". Such great information in this issue as well as some of the best tech. reviews we've seen in a long time.

Real usable stuff, like how to survive the coming grid down scenario, although some are skeptical, experts say it IS at least a medium possibility. Canning your harvests for food through the winter, and if winter 2014-15 is anything like last year's winter, we can all be thankful for this information! How to make your own water distiller and forging your own knives, best take down weapons on the market and what do use for the best home defense situation etc. It's just all very good information. The magazine seems to be back on track as it's subscribers are also getting back on track in their survival thinking.

With the world as it is today, very uncertain, we can be very thankful that there seems to be an awakening of people to real possibilities of some sort of survival situation arising in the close future. We can thank ASG for providing some great ideas, how to articles, real life stories and gear reviews as well as putting a great magazine back into circulation and just in time. Pick up your next magazine now, the August 2014 issue is in many retail locations already, I found mine in a local grocery store!

To subscribe to ASG I found you can go here