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American Sons’ hot Country Rock, a new single and 4th of July Beach Bash

American Sons Country Rock Band's music


When a friend sent me a video of a group called American Sons singing “Hick Chick,” it blew me away. American Sons has brilliantly raised the bar for all Country Rock bands. Any Country Rock music loving red-blooded American craves this kind of hard-hitting party spirit. I had to know what else the American Sons band from Beaumont Texas, offered. Little did I know that my first experience with their “in your face” music would grow to be such an addiction. You will want to listen to their self-titled debut album, "American Sons," repeatedly and still want more.

American Sons' self-titled album
American Sons' self-titled album
Courtesy of American Sons
Celebrating Independence Day and American Sons new single "Come On"
Courtesy of American Sons

American Sons hooked me deeper with each song on their debut album “American Sons,” all powered up with masterful flying guitar riffs, strong and infectiously mesmerizing vocals and the genius of original Country-fried lyrics. American Sons are Country Red-Dirt Rock at its best with thrilling, high-energy delivery and more exciting twists and turns than a Texas or Tennessee back road. This is the reason they are a coveted concert band, both as a headliner and as an opening act for national artists from all over the country.

Besides American Sons first album, now, there is even more for American Sons and fans to celebrate with a huge announcement. American Sons is officially releasing its first single “Come On” to the Texas radio market. You hear the song on American Sons’ Reverbnation page and their official website ( “Come On” will soon be distributed to over 100 radio stations in the Texas Country Music market. In my opinion and knowledge of what Country Rock fans want in other states, it won’t be long before “Come On” is grabbed up by radio stations all over the U.S. Demand it!

American Sons is the perfect band to review during America's Independence Day, 4th of July season. If you’re wondering just how deep-rooted in solid American Country they are, check out these songs on their “American Sons” album, songs with titles like Jagerbomb, Country Strong, Redneck White and Blue, Come On, Hick Chick, Six String Renegade, Bring It Home, 99 Bottles, Raising Cain, A Horse Named Pain and The Dream. You'll not only hear that country rock magic, but a softer side of American Son's with The Dream.

History is what happens when two life-long friends drink a few beers and decide to follow their dreams. For Jason Touchette and Shane Droddy, that road led them to American Sons. After 20 years of enjoying the successes of friendship, family, U.S. Air Force service, and other band projects, the two pals finally made their dream tangible; they went to Austin, Texas and recorded the album they'd been talking about for years.

Jason worked the drums and guitar parts. His podunck-raised band mate Paul Sorosky, who owns the studio where they recorded, did the engineering and bass lines. Shane covered the vocals, and for the first time, he was in a band. After many recording sessions scattered amongst their busy lives, Jason and Shane returned to Beaumont with a finished product: The American Sons Demos.

Satisfied with finally fulfilling the dream of laying down their tracks, the album almost rested there. However, one night, while gathered among friends, Shane was goaded into playing the album. His friends loved it, and they demanded burnt copies, as did their friends, and so on. Jason's friends, many working musicians, responded the same way at the mention that he'd recorded an album. The CD burners went to work. American Sons had found its audience in an organic grassroots way.

Following the groundswell of support, live shows were in demand. To round out the band, Frankie Randazzo was added on keys, Jakob Robles on drums, and Todd Conger on bass. Paul was initially the choice for bass, but the mileage between Austin and Beaumont led the guys to stick to local players.

May of 2013 saw the band's first official rehearsals. The buzz was such that shows were booked well in advance of the band having a full set prepared. American Sons, which languished twenty years in the minds of high school chums, was finally a reality – and poised to impress the ears of Texas, and beyond. It may have been poised to impress Texas, but "American Sons" name and music has gone beyond the borders of Texas.

Today, there is even more reason to celebrate for this amazing group with their new single “Come On.” Todd Conger says, “One year ago today we stepped onstage together for the first time ever. Our passion is to bring more each time we perform. We have come so far in just one year and appreciate and love our fans for their continued support.”

More people agree about American Sons:

Beth Rankin of Cat 5 Magazine wrote, “American Sons is Beaumont’s new Super group!”

Kevin Steele of KBMT Channel 12 said “American Sons has hit this town like a Hurricane!”

Tammy Daye of Kicker 95.1 radio said, “While I didn’t know what to expect, I knew you guys would be good…and you didn’t disappoint! GREAT Show!”

Roy Etie, owner of The River, the largest dancehall in the Beaumont area had this to say, “We’ve had a lot of big acts come from our area, and when I see these guys and what they are doing…their energy, their fresh approach, their talent, and the way they perform… I know they could easily be the next big thing that comes from here.”

Outlaw Country artist Jackson Taylor posted this on his Facebook page: “I really don’t know how to describe my opening band tonight, American Sons. They are Outlaw Country, but also with some rock and then some 80s pop thrown in for good measure…and all of it done REALLY well. If you haven’t heard of them they are really great …you should all go check out American Sons.”

Do you have plans for the 4th of July yet? Check out the 4th of July Beach Bash at The Tiki Bar on Crystal Beach. You can see American Sons, up close and personal at the huge concert at The Tiki Bar on Crystal Beach, Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston County, Texas with Bart Crow, American Sons, Johnny Riley and the Reckoning, Jamie Talbert and the Band of Demons. Crystal Beach with these guys is one of the best places to celebrate the Fourth of July. Prepare for spectacular fireworks and the Country Rock shooting stars to set the stage on fire.

The Tiki Bar and Grill 1369 Hwy 87, Crystal Beach, Texas(409) 684-9594 - For directions to Crystal Beach click here.

For more information about the American Sons, you can click on these links:

American Sons website:

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American Sons on ReverbNation:

Follow on Twitter: @americansons

To contact the band call 409-548-2773, or email them at

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