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American River Bike Trail, Sacramento CA

American River Bike Trail Wildlife
American River Bike Trail Wildlife
Ken Bodine (c) 2014

American River Bike Trail, Sacramento, CA


Trail Name: American River Bike Trail

Location: The American River Trail, Between the Sacramento River and Folsom Dam.

Difficulty: Easy in short sections, but can become moderate for an extended hike.

Distance: 23 Miles

Other Information: Family friendly, dog friendly (but the doggies have to stay on a leash)

The American River Parkway is a wonderful resource preserved in the heart of Sacramento. It brings together the treasures found between the Sacramento River and Folsom Lake. If you are looking for a workout, this trail is more than just a scenic walkway. It lets you explore the history of Sacramento, its people and the natural resources that make this place so special.

The trail system includes hiking, biking, boating, and equestrian riding along the journey. This stretch of the American River boasts the only fall migration of King Salmon in an urban setting. The 23-mile parkway is maintained by Sacramento County. Each year, more than 5 million visitors stroll the paths alongside the waterway. This is a well maintained property that will challenge you to complete in a single outing. Most visitors plan to hike a smaller portion of the trail, but add in time to learn about the various sites that they encounter during their visit.

This is a truly diverse environment, with strong historical ties. In 1974 it was nationally recognized as a National Trail by US Government as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail.

The Sacramento Bee has produced a wonderful interactive map that highlights many of the offerings on this trail. It provides a solid set of information for parking, park rules, regs, and destinations. Select an area that you would like to visit. Do your research in advance so you can find the best parking and know where the facilities are located.

Despite its size, the property is kept in good clean condition. The facilities, along with the paved paths are well maintained.

Since the majority of this property is located in-town, cell coverage is usually strong. The vast majority of reviews remark a positive experience on these trails. For safety's sake, always travel with a partner and let someone else know where you are traveling. Because of the proximity to the city, you can plan for a wonderful meal at a number of local establishments.