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'American Jesus' DVD Review

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'American Jesus'


The United States of America has become a land of Christianity and other religions who sometimes walk hand in hand. In this documentary though you will be brought along to many of the forms of Christianity that are now all over this beautiful land of ours. This film explores Christianity from the homeless and soup kitchens. It will bring you into beautiful churches and mega churches. You will experience certain groups of people like bikers, cowboys, comedians, surfers, musicians, and snake handlers, and they are all doing it for Christianity.

This is the story of the ordinary American and his relationship with Jesus. Many of us now question most of anything and everything we do these days. We must be able to put one's life into one nice little compartment so we can get to it without a problem. Here's the catch sometimes we just can't do that and we must face the fact that what we are doing is simply trying to make sure that we are doing it the right way. We as Americans want everyone to believe what we are doing is in God's name and God's will.

Shelter Island brings you this look into the American way of life as it pertains to Jesus and Christianity. The DVD has already hit the shelf and is ready for you to put it into your library. The DVD is of the highest quality and the sights and sounds are of the best to be found. You will hear everyone proclaim their love for Jesus and explain why they do.This look into the American way of life with Jesus as our Lord is a telling side of the American in the 21st century. So take the stroll down the lane and visit this country like you never seen before.