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American Idol winner Kris Allen expands his horizons on new album

Kris Allen Horizons


You know him as the underdog on American Idol season 11 against Adam Lambert. He’s come a long way since then. With two studio albums under his belt and immense growth in his songwriting ability, Kris Allen is making a come back with his forthcoming album, ‘Horizons’.

album art for Kris Allen's latest release 'Horizons'
Kris Allen

This album must be a fulfilling moment for Allen, who survived a head-on-collision last year. Since breaking his wrist due to the car crash, Allen had to find a different approach of making music. You can hear this throughout the art of ‘Horizons’, especially his prominent finger picking.

“I’ve been playing with my fingers a lot more because of my wrist,” he tells Hollywood Reporter. Allen’s signature picking is one of the many reasons why ‘Horizons’ is worth a listen.

The album has an aura of being quietly sexy, with a tint of up-tempo singer/songwriter driven tracks. ‘Prove it to You,’ the first single on the record, which could be one of the strongest tracks on the album, has a sexy instrumental tone. Meanwhile, the lyrics are excruciatingly heartbreaking.

Another highlight of Allen’s work is ‘Beautiful and Wild,” which Allen says is dedicated to his son. The song has strong lyrical ability that portrays being a dreamer and a lover even when your heart has to break. Allen steps out of his comfort zone with the track ‘Don’t Set Me Free,’ an Adele-style jam with a touch of gospel. The track proves to be a standout on the album.

What separates ‘Horizons’ from Allen’s previous work is the influence of Music City. Allen reached out the Civil Wars and Switchfoot producer, Charlie Peacock. “We met on a Sunday in Nashville, went over to his place.

We didn’t play any music; we just talked about life and what I wanted to do with this record. I think we both knew this was going to be a good thing,” he tells Billbaord. You can hear the Nashville country vibe sound throughout the album. ‘Beautiful and Wild’ hints at Southern folk, and ‘In Time’ sounds like a song Keith Urban would want to record.

Allen continues to prove who he is as a songwriter with each album he puts out. He’s comfortable in his own skin, and its perfectly obvious on ‘Horizons’. You can’t fault Allen for his talent. After all, he once won the biggest singing competition of all time.

Highlights: Prove it to You, In Time, Don’t Set Me Free, Beautiful and Wild

For more info check out Kris' official website

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