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'American Idol': The forgotten flair

American Idol 2014


On Wednesday’s American Idol, contestants were asked to sing songs reminiscent of their hometowns but the performances were a reminder that this year’s talents pale in comparison to the previous years according to fans of the show.

'American Idol': The forgotten flair
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“I don’t know what’s going on with AI this year. I am disappointed in the singing and last night’s episode will be the last time I watch these contestants.” – “American Idol” fan Michelle Roberts from Miami, Florida.

Another fan of the show named Keisha Battle declared they “stopped watching after the first performances because it just wasn’t the same. The show isn’t the same. It has fell off.”

So is it true? Are the talents this year not as great as the last? The judges harsh criticism seemed to echo this belief. Jessica Meuse heard stern words from the judges after her performance of Dido’s “White Flag”.

Harry Connick Jr. said "You were sharp the whole time…When anybody hits a high note; people applaud … that didn't happen tonight. You were so off." Ouch! That had to hurt! But was it true?

However, the twenty-two year old dog trainer/singer/farmer Dexter Roberts seemingly did a great job and the audience loved every second of the song he performed entitled “Lucky Man” which reminded him of his Alabama roots. Keith Urban called it “unquestionably the best performance of the night."

Also in better news, after being in the bottom three last week, Malaya Watson awed audiences with her wonderful and smooth singing of “Take Me to the King”. Jennifer Lopez enjoyed the performance and one of the judges even gave her a standing ovation.

Eighteen year-old Emily Priz apparently did a fantastic job performing Lopez’s very own “Let’s Get Loud” and Lopez loved it, adding boisterously that she should add a hair flip to the act.

So are local Miami viewers/fans too harsh on the singers this year or is the talent really that bad? Are the standards too high for this year’s “American Idol?”

“American Idol” returns on Thursday 8 p.m. eastern time for the results. Do not forget to cast your vote!