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American Horror Story: Killer fashion and new 'Carnival' theme released

Cast Season 1
Cast Season 1
American Horror Story

American Horror Story's Fashion: Then & Now


"American Horror Story" creators have revealed the creepy theme for Fall's chilling new season and writer Douglas Petrie has confirmed that the upcoming series will be set at a carnival:

that’s the idea, very roughly that’s the idea."

Petrie told panelists the news March 16 on the Nerdist Podcast and hardcore AHS fans hope that new costar Emma Roberts will return for the fourth season; But for now, veteran Jessica Lange and newcomer Sarah Paulson are currently involved in the project.

The fourth season is currently in the works and a title has not been chosen for the spooky drama series. Thus far the show has entertained viewers with ghosts, demons, aliens and witches, but main character Jessica Lange “has always wanted to play a Marlene Dietrich figure, and now she gets to,” as said by co-creator Ryan Murphy.

Leading up to the new carnival season, the cast has gone through quite a few wardrobe changes especially Lange's characters. The 64 year old appeared to be the mother next door with golden pin-up curls in Season 1 and ended season 3 as a materialistic, sultry demonic witch obsessed with power and Chanel.

Frances Conroy had her go at fashion in the AHA franchise when the red headed beauty went from a subtle angel of death in all black with a netted veil in Asylum to a wild haired witch on AHA Coven with belled cuffs and elegant cigarettes.

The most popular would be actress and AHA vet Taissa Farmiga who plays the young bohemian witch Violet on the Coven season who falls in love with a young Frankenstein. Violet played with a series of hats throughout the season and wore hard rocker boots with soft patterned dresses.

See the slideshow for the killer fashion from seasons 1-3.