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'America's Choir' Mississippi Mass Choir to release 10th live album

Mississippi Mass Choir album, Declaration of Dependence


Get ready. If you're looking for good down home Gospel music, then your wait is almost over. Mississippi Mass Choir (MMC) is set to release their 10th live project Tuesday, June 3. Frank Williams, MMC's founder, would give his stamp of approval. There's no doubt that Mississippi Mass Choir is back and they're bringing over 25 years of bonafide legacy with them.

Mississippi Mass Choir "Declaration of Dependence" releases 10th Live album [photo courtesy of Mississippi Mass Choir; used with permission]
Mississippi Mass Choir, MMC, Malaco Records, Jerry Mannery, Stan Jones

What have the Gospel music industry been missing? Authenticity. In the day and age where every artist seems to sound alike, give or take a phrase/note or two. The Gospel music industry has become a store where you can buy the same thing, but in different colors and still think you're being different. When in fact, they're all the same. Gospel music has long been a genre that people have turned to in need of substance and inspiration. Well, Mississippi Mass Choir's new project "Declaration of Dependence" will satisfy the thirsty parched souls that have been in need of something to hold on to in the time of need.

The choir's live recording took place in Jackson, Mississippi October 2013 in the presence of a sold out crowd. Preparation for this phenomenal project started when Executive Director Jerry Mannery confirmed that Grammy award winning producer, songwriter and singer Stan Jones signed on to head up the project. Mr. Jones didn't want to approach this project without consulting the source of its existence. He poured himself into studying Frank Williams. The late Mr. Williams' legacy is so profound and a wealth of wisdom for those who would take the time to dig. When you listened to Mississippi Mass Choir's music you heard Williams' signature style throughout. There was no doubt, you knew who you were listening to.

After 3 months of learning from one of the best, Stan Jones began strategically arranging the precise elements needed to pay homage to MMC's founder. Mr. Jerry Mannery and the executive team working together with producer Stan Jones to bring to fruition the vision that has been set since the choir's inception. MMC's mission statement has been "Serving God Through Song". Not wanting to stray from the mission, they went through almost one hundred song submissions until they settled on the final cut of 13 tracks.

From track one to 13, you get nothing but authentic music that will feed the hungry soul and encourage the downtrodden. Mississippi Mass Choir's album title speaks volumes of what to expect. Proclamation of surrender and their "Declaration of Dependence" on God. This is what has been missing from the Gospel music industry.

It would be easy to go from track to track commentating in this article of each song , however this article won't do that. What you will know is that this project is skillfully, precisely, consistently, thoroughly, phenomenally, expertly, masterfully delivering a powerful, memorable, convicting, lyrically sound, uplifting, encouraging word through song. At the stroke of midnight, download this project from iTunes. It is guaranteed to bless you. Gift it to someone in need. Someone is in need of making their "Declaration of Dependence" on God through salvation.

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