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America. Dinesh D'Sousa

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America. Dinesh D'Souza


Author, filmmaker and social commentator Dinesh D’Souza produced a fascinating and compelling film when he produced “2016: Obama’s America.” Now he has done it again with his latest release “America.” Yes it has a conservative perspective and yes it is very harsh on both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton but for what clearly appears to be good reason. This time he starts at the beginning with reflections back on the American Revolution, the history of the United States Constitution, the presidency of Abraham Lincoln and other significant historical perspectives that have indeed helped to shape our nation. His position is that the ultra left wing advocates such as Sol Alinsky and others have deliberately distorted important historical facts to help support their goal of completely rebuilding America in their own ultra left wing image.

Obviously such a message is by design highly opinionated and slanted in Mr. D’Souza’s particular direction. Nevertheless facts are facts which mean they can be either proven or disproven but they should definitely not be ignored. This film deserves attention regardless of ones political persuasion. At the very least Dinesh D’Souza does a great job of stimulating needed thought. You may not believe everything he portrays in the manner he portrays it but you would be a total fool to simply ignore him and this movie.

One point he makes with enormous factual support and with a clear need for more aggressive public involvement is the inescapable truth that our government has grown too large and has become far too intrusive in every citizens daily life. Is there any real doubt but that at least some elements of the IRS did indeed make it their cause to frustrate the ability of many conservative groups to attain their rightful nonprofit status? Is it really believable or just coincidence that recently the former Director of the IRS had a hard drive crash and lost all of the most likely damning information contained thereon? And do you suppose it is just a matter of justice being served that after his film “2016 Obama’s America” and just ahead of his release of “America” Dinesh D’Souza has been federally indicted for campaign fraud? I’m sorry but there is simply way too much here to accept the coincidence theory.

In any event his latest film “America” is currently in general release and really does deserve a look. In addition to the obvious political messages the film contains it is also replete with some beautiful photography and compelling representations of American history. But unlike what you recall of your history class in High School this film is actually entertaining to watch.

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