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Review: Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone
Image Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon Fire Phone


It's really no surprise that Amazon has decided to get into the smartphone market because it seems to be involved in servicing so many other aspects of our lives. Question is can they produce a product that can compete with the already saturated mobile universe.
The Fire phone from first look is pretty non descript in its appearance. It sort of looks like an iPhone but not quite, and it isn't as big as the Samsung S5 but where it does make an impression is with the cute features that offers.

It boasts a dynamic perspective which uses a sensor to respond to the way you interact with the device. It gives a multi-dimensional feel something different than the other mobiles available. That technology is achieved through the four specialized cameras, infrared LEDs and a custom processor.

It also has an identifier system called Firefly which can recognize over 100 million items like music, movies, bar codes, phone numbers, email addresses and much more. That feature is like Shazam times one hundred. Just imagine watching a movie there is an actor on screen can't remember his name no worries you can access IMDb from your system and instantly get the performers name other films where they have appeared. Plus if you are all reading reviews Fire phone has got you covered.

Gestures seem to be the direction in which some phones are using for you to complete commands and the Fire Phone is no different. With the flick of a wrist you are able to access content through the use of links. You can enjoy listening to your favorite song change the angle slightly and suddenly the lyrics appear for you to sing along.

There are many great features to this phone and some not so perfect. For instance the battery life is disappointing and the app store leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully this phone will be a little more Android like as time goes on when updates are installed so that those who love Google Play Store will be encouraged to venture into the hot flames of this cell.

UPDATE: Amazon Fire Phone will be available in the UK and Germany. Customers as of September 30th. Pre-orders can begin today will ship in the UK exclusively on O2 and in Germany exclusively with Deutsche Telekom on September 30.

In the U.S. the Fire pricing is now .99 cents with a two-year contract and available exclusively from AT&T.