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Amazing Spider Man #3 review

Reviewed by xoNerdyGirl

Amazing Spider Man #3


So the real Peter Parker is back and he just keeps finding trouble every where he turns. Amazing Spider Man #3 became available June 25, 2014. Amazing Spider Man is published by Marvel comic, apart of their Marvel NOW! series. This issue is written by Dan Slott with art and cover art by Humberto Ramos.

Peter is still trying to figure out how to get his old life back. The one way in doing that is trying to be a better boss than Dr. Otto Octavius was. So casual Fridays and field trips anyone? Spider Man made a ton of enemies while Dr. Otto Octavius was in charge. So not only does he have Electro hating on him, Felicia Hardy, also known as Black Cat, has a bone to pick with him also.

With all the action of Spider Man saving the day once again, fighting off angry kitty cats, and trying to make his employees think his a fun boss, we have yet to find out who this mystery girl is in the locked room with no windows. We were told a few months back about a second spider bite victim, could this be her? Could this be the all new Spider Man character Silk? You can read more about Silk in my past article. I guess we will just have to wait to find out in Amazing Spider Man #4 when we finally get to see the debut of Silk. Amazing Spider Man #4 will be on shelves July 23, 2014.

Have you read this issue of Amazing Spider Man yet? Are you ready for this all new Spider Man character that will turn Peter Parker's world upside down? I'm really hoping for something big when Silk is unveiled. I've been excited to see her since I first heard about her a few months back. Only time will tell I guess. Until next time my spidy loving, comic book nerds.