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Amazing Spider Man #1 review

Reviewed by xoNerdyGirl

amazing spider man #1


Peter Park has been through a hell of a lot, but now his back in the red and blues and his happy to have a second chance on life. The real Peter Parker is back after having his brain swapped out with Doctor Octopus. A lot has happened since Peter has been gone; his now a doctor, he owns his own company, and has a live in girlfriend.

The story written by Dan Slott starts off with Spidy getting kinda nakey, yea you read right. Then it takes us back to the beginning of the 1st day of Peter being back in his own body. His finding out a lot about his business, like all his employees are scared of him and he has a personal robot. He then sneaks away from work to go swinging through the skys where he got some mixed reviews from the neighborhood people. An older lady even maked a Miley Cyrus joke about him. After saving some really expensive eggs from a really hot bunny, he swings back to his apartment where he finds out that he has a live in girlfriend, Anna Maria. She then busts him with a huge question, "Why didn't you tell me you were Spider Man?"

I found this issues really good for a 1st issue. It's easy to read with lots of laughs. Long time Spider Man fans will enjoy having the fun loving Spider Man back. I also think this would be a really great issue for new Spider Man readers as well. It's easy to catch on to whats going on, as Spider Man tells us about the past with Doctor Octopus and everything is easily explained. The art by Humberto Ramos is bright and matches the personality of Peter Parker. And man is Peter buff.

This issue, at the very beginning, also teases about the second victim of the same spider than bit Peter Parker. There are also two stories at the end at are setting things up for future Amazing Spider Man issues. It sets up Electro as the villain that Spider Man will be facing very soon. And it shows us that Spider Man not only will be dealing with Electro, but also a pissed off Black Cat. I'm really excited to see more Peter Parker and to see how he is now dealing with the life Doctor Octopus left behind for him.

What are your thoughts on this issues? Will you be coming back for more next month?