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Although Not Holy, Foxy Shazam Certainly Has the Touch.

Foxy Shazam


It's not everyday that you come across a local band that you may have heard mentioned in the past, listen to some of their music and then ask yourself, "Why in the hell haven't I listened to this before now?"

The ittle Band That Made Cincinnati Proud, Foxy Shazam.

That, my friends, is exactly what happened when I finally decided to check out some of the the tunes by Cincinnati area rockers Foxy Shazam. Concerned about my lapse in musical coverage, I quickly became addicted to songs like 'Holy Touch' and 'I Like It!'. Although a couple of years old already, their latest album, fittingly called 'The Church of Rock and Roll' immediately grabs you by your shirt, yanks you out of the pew and sucker punches you in the ears with what I can only call an eargasmic array of blended harmonies, out of this world vocals reminiscent of the late Freddie Mercury, topped with a sprinkling of trumpet.

I was instantly, and irreversibly hooked. I found myself searching Youtube for their videos and watching them over and over until co-workers asked me if my loop button on the player was accidentally on. Eric Nally who was the quarterback on this funky, rock your face off and shove it between your pants pockets team has not only the pipes that would make Mariah Carey take notice, but a stage presence and oh-so awesome, yet mesmerizing level of energy that I actually felt tired after watching him. If he should ever decide to remove himself from the music arena, he would certainly have a promising career in theater or on the screen.

It's hard to fathom that this group of fun-loving and hard rocking friends have not been 'discovered' and thrust upon America in such a way that would make the words Foxy Shazam a household name. Or atleast for those households with occupants between 19-34 years of age according to the latest ratings. What!? Anyone. Yes, ANYONE, who listens to even one song by this band cannot help but tap their feet, sing along and shake like a Chihuahua. If rock was a religion, the Church of Rock and Roll would be Mecca to a countless numbers of converts, and lead vocalist Eric Nally, guitarist Loren Turner, pianist Sky White, bass player Daisy, trumpeter and back-up vocalist Alex Nauth, and drummer Aaron McVeigh would save thousands of lost souls with their Holy Touch. Me? I'd be in the front row for every sermon. Hallelujah!

Their music was made to be blasted from car stereos and these guys were placed on this earth for one purpose only. And that, brothers and sisters, is to preach the gospel of Foxy Shazam to the masses. So, make it your goal in life to go see them in concert atleast once before you head to the giant arena in the sky.

"Keep up the great work guys. Keep rockin', keep having fun, and above all, keep being 'Unstoppable'. Amen."

To find out more about the guys and the sounds of Foxy Shazam, visit them at

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