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Aloha, Lady Blue is one of the finest tropical thriller reads of the summer

Charley Memminger Author of Aloha, Lady Blue
Photo by Olivier Koning, HonoluluMagazine, Jan. 2013

Book "Aloha, Lady Blue"


Aloha, Lady Blue, (St. Martin's Press $24.99) a new mystery series by Charley Memminger has prose, a tropically setting and funny dialogue among very colorful characters. The book is intelligent, compelling, and suspenseful. It is one of the most entertaining reads of the summer. Set in Hawaii, Aloha, Lady Blue delivers crimes, schemes and scams that coexist alongside ancient cultural rituals.

The author has honed his novel skills as Hawaii's national award-winning columnist and screenwriter. In his is new mystery novel, written in three acts, this reader had spontaneous bursts of laugher as vivid views of Hawaii's eccentricities were revealed. Mr. Memminger's characters evolved through his crime investing experiences. "I knew Ronnie Ching, who was a 300-pound hitman, so Tiny Maunakea is based on him, more or less. Blue Hookane is based on a real investigator for prosecutor Charles Marsland’s office," said Memminger in a January 2013 Honolulu Magazine interview.

Discover Charley Memminger, an American comic mystery author who is unveiling a series of Hawaiian mysteries and crimes. His next book is about sharks.