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‘Almost Human’ TV recap: ‘Straw Man’ season finale

Straw Man
Straw Man
Spoiler TV

Almost Human


Air Date March 3, 2014

‘Straw Man’ opens with a bunch of folk milling about some dark depressing area of the city. Most, if not all, appear to be homeless. A young woman named Abby is befriended by a man in a wheelchair while attempting to retrieve a pill from the pill dispenser. Yes, in the future there will be pill dispensers displayed all willy-nilly in public areas. Man in wheelchair tells Abby he knows a shelter where they can get real food as opposed to fake food. She follows him. That’s never a good sign. Lo and behold. It’s a miracle! Man in the wheelchair can stand and prove to us why it sometimes dangerous to follow strangers.

The next day, its performance evaluation and review time for Dorian. Waiting to hear the results from the review board turns our favorite robot into a nervous Nelly.

Aww, Abby’s body is found dumped in an alley, the victim of some copycat killer (man in wheelchair). But who is he copying? Supposedly, he’s copying a serial killer named Michael Costa who Kennex’s father put away several years ago. The killer’s trademark is a fondness for removing the victims’ organs and replacing them with straw. Obviously, there is some sort of sadistic Wizard of Oz/Dorothy/Scarecrow fixation going on here.

After being denied access to his father’s sealed case file regarding the Straw Man, Kennex decides to go visit Michael Costa in prison. Costa informs him that the senior Kennex had a change of heart and believed him to be innocent. What’s up man in the wheelchair? They’ll be coming for you.

Thank goodness! Abby and the others aren’t dead after all. The real Straw Man is not killing and stuffing them, but it’s not because he has a heart or for lack of courage either. He is actually an ailing cyborg who snatches kids off the street in order to clone and use them as test subjects. Go to the cyborg clinic, dude.

In the end, Kennex clears his dad’s name and Dorian is relieved after learning he has earned a glowing review and can keep his job.