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‘Almost Human’ tv recap: ‘Perception’ crime by design

Androids, Humans & Chromes, oh my
Androids, Humans & Chromes, oh my
Spoiler TV

FOX network Almost Human


Episode Air Date: 2/10/14

Two girls from the same school, Mendal Academy, die at the same time but at different locations. Found beside their collapsed bodies is a small cylinder type tube (don’t expect to see those orange plastic bottles for your meds in the future). Both women are chromes. They’re not androids. They’re not humans. They are better than you (humans).

Kennex and Dorian arrive on the scene to investigate. However, Kennex is secretly struggling to focus on the job at hand because he is being dogged by flashbacks of his psycho ex-girlfriend, Anna. She tried to end their relationship by having killed in an ambush which explains his having the “six-million dollar” leg.

Here is a fun chrome fact. Detective Valerie Stahl is also a chrome. So there! Soon the police department following a trail of bread crumbs, sort to speak, which leads them to:

1) The cause of death: fatal dose of a designer;
2) The creator of said drug: a young lad named Julian who also attends this school; and
3) Another classmate, Lila, who was human and somehow tied into all of this.

Frankly, this school and these brainiac chromes are starting to sound a little dangerous. Another thing we discover in this episode about the future is that drugs are manufactured on a printer. A printer! Get out of town. The drug young Julia created was intended to heighten their understanding of the world so they could be smarter and better. Wait. Weren’t they already smarter and better?

Also, for those of you Star Trek fans, looks like there will be a transporter in the future too!

Sadly, the two victims were killed as an act of revenge. Lila’s mom thought her daughter’s death had to do with the girls and Julia. Boy was she wrong.

So back to Kennex and his psychedelic behavior, he does pay a visit the recollectionist, a/k/a, Dr. Illegal and has a memory which looks like it may pay off. Someone has been eavesdropping on Detective Kennex without his permission.

So how did you enjoy the episode?

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