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‘Almost Human’ tv recap: ‘Disrupt’ when a house is not a home

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'Almost Human'


Air date: Monday, February 17, 2014
<Spoiler alert>

When is a house not a home? When it turns on you, that’s when, but first things first. Rudy is defragmenting Dorian without his permission. Gosh, can’t a man, sorry, a robot recharge his battery in peace without folk interfering? Meanwhile, a company exec named Michael Bennett enters his home where he is greeted by his man servant/security robot, S.A.M. Shortly thereafter, S.A.M. seems be malfunctioning as does the large TV screen, the swimming pool’s glass cover which closes in on his wife Linda as she enjoys a few laps. Bennett notices she’s in trouble, tries to save her and gets killed by the house for his efforts.

Pan over to Dorian who looks as if he too about to short circuit. The city suffers a black-out with the exception of images plastered over buildings of a kid named Aaron who also had the misfortune of being killed by a house security system. Aaron’s photo popped up on the Bennett’s screen earlier and will do so again and again to all those who work for Synturian, the security systems company. A group of hackers called Disrupt are responsible for the city’s grid takedown and are in protest of smart homes. Yes, from smart phones to extremely smart homes. It’s hard to tell what the future holds.

Kennex and Detective Stahl (donning a blue wig) go undercover in search of one of Disrupt’s best and brightest, Crispin X, who actually looks more like a young Grim Reaper. Eventually, Crispin X helps the police track down the real hacker and killer, a young girl named Emily who was in love with Aaron. It now becomes a battle of the hackers.

Kennex and Dorian save another Synturian CEO who unknowingly has become a target of the poor grieving and misguided Emily. Another battle ensues. This time it’s between Dorian and S.A.M. Dorian wins. Kennex saves the CEO and Emily from herself and the future is safe again or at least until the next episode.

Lastly, we discover that someone is messing with Dorian’s head…literally.

Catch ‘Almost Human’ on Monday evenings at 8:00 PM on FOX