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‘Almost Human’ tv recap: ‘Beholder’ no beauty in that eye

In the eye of the beholder
Spoiler TV

Fox network's Almost Human


Air date: February 24, 2014

Great news. In the future, those Wii type games will be much more realistic. In other unrelated news, on last week we were introduced to a new species – chrome. This week, we learn they do no die young unless they’re murdered. And this week’s episode involves some kind of Frankenstein’s monster-like foolishness. There is this nut, Eric, on the loose stealing folks’ DNA in an effort to look pretty and perfect.

While cruising around the streets of the future, Kennex vehemently complains about technology and all that it stands for or destroys. So Dorian slyly points out that Kennex could opt to have his good bionic leg replaced with an ordinary tree limb since technology was so evil and bad. Meanwhile, back at the mad lab, Rudy, a former child model (who knew) with a Rothschild’s nose (so he says) is worried about being targeted for his good looks.

Eric did strike again, however. No, Rudy is safe. This time Eric nabbed the DNA from some poor unsuspecting young women. He wanted her dreamy sweet pea green eyes. So Eric has been corresponding online for a while with a woman he has never met. Aww. This still does not excuse you Eric for taking the other woman’s eyes!

The guys travel to an area resembling Mad Max’s Thunder Dome to grill a CI, dressed in apocalyptic garb, for information. The CI has heard some things, not necessarily about the beauty killer but about this reconstruction surgeon. Yes, it is the same surgeon Eric has been forcing to pretty him up or at least help him to not look so Elephant Man. Anyway, there are no Mel Gibson or Tina Turner sightings, but Kennex and Dorian leave with more information than they had.

After all of that only to come to this: Eric needlessly killed folk for their DNA so he could look presentable for his lady love, which to his surprise turns out to be blind. Now, let us shake our heads together shall we.

Watch Almost Human on the FOX network on Monday nights at 9:000 PM


'Almost Human: Disrupt' tv recap

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