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All Time Low: A high voltage band and crowd

All Time Low in concert


All Time Low brought their raucous tour to the Rialto Theatre April 10, 2014 in Tucson, AZ. This delighted every 15-year old girl within a 100-mile radius of town. This was a general admission show and the line formed outside the theatre early in the day. By 4pm, there was a line two blocks long. They stayed lined up in the sunny 95-degree heat for some time and many did not have adequate water.

Alex Gaskarth, lead singer
©Mary F. Andrews

This situation did not go unnoticed by the theatre personnel. Personnel started encouraging the teens to start drinking water. They were carrying several cases of bottled water to the front barricades to help remedy the dehydration situation. Some of the attendees still got ill in spite of the Rialto’s efforts.

This did not dampen the excitement and the thrill of these teen’s anticipation of seeing and hearing their heart-throbs! All Time Low is calling this tour “A Love Like Tour”. The tour includes the bands Man Overboard and Handguns. This tour is promoting their re-release of the album, Don’t Panic. The newer version has four new tracks.

All Time Low is a rock/punk band consisting of Alex Gaskarth (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Jack Barakat (backing vocals and lead guitar), Zack Merrick (bassist and backing vocals), and Rian Dawson (drums). You are not likely to be familiar with this band unless you are in high school or have a teen living with you. These guys are huge and very talented. For more information on this band, click here.

The party at the Rialto Theatre was non-stop from the time All Time Low took the stage. There was a barrage of multi-colored bras thrown on the stage before the first song was done. Victoria Secret’s shelves had to be empty yesterday. These bras were not just any bras. They were adorned with all kinds of messages and drawings from their fans like “you saved my life.” “I love you,” and “sleep with me (in other language).”

This was a 90-minute non- stop show of relentless energy by both the crowd and the band. There were multiple episodes of crowd surfing as well as dancing, arm swaying and singing along. There was nothing passive about this insane crowd and band did as much as they could to interact and keep the party going. For a set list, please click here.

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