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Sik Gaeb Restaurant


After watching a clip of Anthony Bourdain's show on his visit to Sik Gaek restaurant New York, the quest to visit this restaurant becomes top priority. There are two locations of Sik Gaek restaurant, one is in Woodside, and the other one in Flushing, Queens. The main feature dish in this restaurant is the humongous seafood hot pot. The presentment of this special dish will make an impression for all seafood lovers, the image of a huge pot with live seafood will cement in their minds. While they are known for serving live seafood, such as octopus, abalone, and lobster that still squirms when served, this is still an optional choice. It is strongly not recommended for people with faint of hearts. There are other options such as snails, conch, mussels, shrimp, squid and clams which can be purchased additionally to be included in the pot. Hiding under all the seafood, would be the bean sprouts, noodles (udon), and cabbage. The portion is big, it is estimated to serve three to four people per seafood pot. Since the live octopus serves as the main attraction of the restaurant, chances are they might run out early in the evening. The restaurant is small and casual, they have long bench style wooden tables with plastic stools for seating. The ambiance is definitely not the main focus here. Though the freshness and consistent delicious taste of the food definitely makes up for it. The tables resembles the picnic tables with built in burners in the middle. The interior design is very simple and minimal that provide enough illustration of Korean culture in an entertaining way, but what separates them from other Korean restaurants is their signature hotpot. The staff works very fast, and are very attentive to your needs, patient, and nice. The overall environment is very loud and lively.

Seafood hotpot and other varieties at Sik Gaek restaurant in Flushing, New York.
Seafood hotpot and other varieties at Sik Gaek restaurant in Flushing, New York.Photo taken by Joseph Reyes
Seafood hot pot at Sik Gaek restaurant
Seafood hot pot at Sik Gaek restaurantPhoto taken by Joseph Reyes

The food represent some of the most authentic dishes known to the Korean culture, and they are absolutely amazing. As widely popularized by the presentation of seafood hotpot item in their menu. They also have a great variety of dishes, such as ramen noodles, barbeque dishes (pork chop, grilled beefs, etc.), and sushi. The side dishes are also great options to include, such as calamari, seafood pancake, chicken gizzard, rice cakes covered with spicy sauce and beef stew. This place is recommended for family and group gatherings. Its a nice place to relax and have fun with some friends while having some great seafood dishes. It is a great place to satisfy seafood craving attacks for people living in tri-state area and a great destination for people from out of town wanting to try new things that would surely bring a unique experience.