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All New Ultimates #1 review

Reviewed by xoNerdyGirl

all new ultimates #1


The All New Ultimates is a new team fighting crime in Hell's Kitchen, New York. The first issue came out April 9th, 2014. It's written by Michel Fiffe with art by Amilcar Pinna and Nolan Woodard. This ultimate team is made up of Spiderman, (Miles Morales), Spider Woman or so she tell us to call her Black Widow (Jessica Drew), Cloak (Ty Johnson), Dagger (Tandy Bowen), Bombshell (Lana Baumgartner), and Kitty Pryde.

The art in this issue is bright and eye catching. There are characters with these really nasty boils on their faces that just look amazing and gruesome. The dialog is easy to follow and well written. There's humor and deep thoughts mixed it. It's just a really fun read.

We start off seeing these really nasty guys picking on one of Spiderman's friends. Cloak and Dagger come to the rescue. We later find out that these guys are in a gang called Serpent Skulls, who are running a Roxxon drug lab. Roxxon is dealing with genetic altering drugs. They state in the book that Roxxon is the reason they all have their powers. We get a fun scene where they are all trying to figure out how this whole vigilante thing works. We get to see the team working together in a battle against Serpent Skulls and we are introduced Styx, Stone, and Diamondback.

We don't get to see Kitty Pryde battle in this issue because she is hiding out. She's not enjoying all the attention she is getting after saving the world. But I'm looking forward to see more of her. All in all I really enjoyed this issue and looking forward to reading more.

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