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'All-Day Energy': A super smoothie book

All-Day Energy: Smoothies and Juices


Smoothies are all the rage right now. Regardless of whether it's a kale and cucumber cooler, or a mango banana breakfast drink, smoothies have earned a solid reputation for health and wellness in our culture. They look as easy as dropping some garden goodness in your blender...until you make one and your best healthy intentions taste disgusting, that is.

You'll never make a nasty smoothie again!
Yuri Elkaim

Yuri Elkaim's latest book, All-Day Energy: Smoothies and Juices, could be the one book you really need to make consistent delicious smoothies that are also fabulous for your body, and he makes it almost foolproof for you to do so. Elkaim's book is a smartly styled and visually beautiful guide to getting healthy while not sacrificing taste and flavor. Those mysterious secret combinations of fruits and vegetables that may have eluded you in your pursuit of weight loss and clear skin are explained in detail by Elkaim; his background in nutrition, along with personal experience of losing, then regaining, his health, gives his smoothie recipes some serious validity.

Elkaim was a professional soccer star with a French soccer team in his youth, despite his poor his diet and health. After several years of living his dream but feeling lethargic, losing his hair, and fighting his autoimmune condition, he decided to quit soccer and educate himself about holistic nutrition. His journey for a better life resulted in a massive diet change, excellent health, and even the return of his hair. Elkaim now dedicates his life to writing, educating, and sharing the power of holistic nutrition and exercise.

His education will serve the reader well. Most juicing and smoothie books on the market do not explain the difference between the two, and this can have serious health issues. For example, an excess of fruit juices can overload the body with sugar, worsen diabetes, or even cause gout. Smoothies, which are made by blending the whole fruit and not just extracting the juice, are more balanced because the fruit's fiber slows down sugars entering the bloodstream. This is just one example of the finer details in All-Day Energy: Smoothies and Juices. Elkaim also covers nutrient absorption, oxalates (present in green veggies like spinach), food combining, time-saving tactics, juicing/smoothie equipment, and health conditions like candida. What most surprised me was his knowledge of which fruits and vegetables are most important to buy organic (due to the massive amounts of pesticides that they are normally sprayed with in standard agriculture). I've rarely seen this concern addressed, and Elkaim explains clearly why you should know where your food has been.

All-Day Energy: Smoothies and Juices is a beautiful book. The pictures are crisp, the ingredient lists are clear, and small additional things (like substitutions and adding supplements) are covered. The recipes range from the super-green "Green Fiesta", to the dessert-like "Peanut Butter Banana Split." Elkaim ensures that there is something for everyone in his book.

The only drawback to All-Day Energy: Smoothies and Juices is that you can't buy it through Although his other books are available there, Elkaim is offering this one via direct-sale through his website ( By purchasing your copy through the website, however, you are directly supporting Elkaim, and not Amazon (if that matters to you). Either way, you can't lose with this little gem; All-Day Energy: Smoothies and Juices will prevent you from making another kale-carrot-garlic nightmare smoothie to be poured down your sink, and help you get healthy, too.

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