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'Alexander's Lost World' - DVD Review

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Alexander's Lost World


Photojournalist and leading documentarian David Adams takes the trip to research Alexander the Great and his journey along the Oxus river. He looks at the world of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Greece before western civilization had left its mark on these areas. Adams travels through Central Asia and finds traces of the ancient world dating back some 2,300 years.

Alexander the Great was the first European to rule this area and in the process took out the Persian Empire. What Alexander discovers is a very developed civilization along the Oxus River. This becomes a new chapter in human history.

Adams travels from Greece to India along the same roads and rivers that Alexander traveled those many centuries ago. In the process he goes through some inhospitable territory controlled by the Taliban that most are not able to travel. It is in this search for the truth that he may come across facts that we have not uncovered in all these many centuries.

Episodes include "City of the Lady Moon", "Explorations of an Ancient Sea", and "The Land of the Golden Fleece" to just name a few. The DVD also has some 42 minutes of deleted scenes as well as a behind the scenes photo gallery. It also includes an interview with David Adams and his take on Alexander the Great.

The 1,500 mile journey along the Oxus River shows the viewer some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet. Alexander would have been in awe of the area when he traveled it in 334 B.C. No European had traveled to this region before this and thus had not contaminated it so to speak. The Persian Empire had many ways that were foreign to Europeans and at times would have been hard for them to understand.

Athena brings us this DVD Documentary that is a must for all who teach or have some connection to the classroom. This is a major work of knowledge and art that every person would want for their library. The DVD set goes on sale June 17,2014. The quality of the set is above anything you've seen from a documentary. The sight and sound is beyond comparison of anything you have seen before.

So take the time to take a trip back in time and see what the first Europeans saw those many years ago. Learn what the man Alexander would have experienced as he destroyed the Persian Empire. See the change of human history and the direction it took enjoy some quality entertainment in the process.