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Alex Shaw’s thriller “Cold Black” will keep you up all night!

Alex Shaw’s thriller “Cold Black” will keep reading all night!

“Cold Black” book by Alex Shaw


Author Alex Shaw’s book “Cold Black” is being described as “timely” by critics. Shaw is a talented writer who knows how to place the reader in the seat of the action with vivid detail and his own knowledge of the Ukraine, the Middle East, and Africa.

“Hetman” was Shaw’s premier novel and it took twelve years to write. It was worth it, as the book won the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and became a #1 Kindle bestseller. Now Shaw follows up with “Cold Black.”

“Cold Black” puts Shaw’s main character from "Hetman," Aidan Snow, right in the middle of abduction, assassination, Al-Qaeda, and international conspiracy. Although it is not a sequel, many of the same characters appear. Protagonist Snow is now an M16 Operative. The realism and the intrigue continue. The pace is fast and will keep the reader turning pages. This is the stuff good movies are made of, but the book is just as exciting!

What other readers are saying: “Cold Black, a term used within the Russian Federation to describe crude oil, is a hard look at the realities of the countries cut loose from the former Soviet Union as well as those on the Arabian Peninsula. The intrigue, kidnappings, and assassinations among and between the Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine spy organizations targeting each other as well as funding or attempting to thwart terrorist threats within Saudi Arabia feel real to this reader.”

The realism of Shaw’s writing probably stems from the fact he will write while on location. “Cold Black” was written in Dubai and in Moscow. His characters frequent jogging paths, bars, and buildings that actually exist. Add to this Shaw’s sense of timing and suspense and you will be up all night reading.

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