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Ale Asylum Celebrates its 6th Anniversary with Aged Asylum Beers

Aged Asylum at Ale Asylum
Aged Asylum at Ale Asylum
Halina Zakowicz

Aged Asylum


Yesterday, fathers everywhere came to celebrate their special day (i.e., Father's Day) by downing a brew or three at the Ale Asylum Brewpub in Madison, Wisconsin. As for Ale Asylum, it celebrated Father's Day by featuring three aged beers at its Aged Asylum event. The aged beers were as follows:

Tripel Nova beers
Halina Zakowicz

Sticky McDoogle (aged 3 years)

Bamboozleator (aged 2 years)

Tripel Nova (aged 1 year)

The aged beers were tapped at the rate of one per hour starting at 3PM. This made for a nice anticipation on the part of the attending crowd. I myself tried the Bamboozleator at 4PM and then the much awaited Tripel Nova at 5PM. The Bamboozleator is a 7.8% ABV Doppelbock beer that has a defined malty caramel taste. It was a very smooth beer to imbibe. Since I had not tried the Bamboozleator before, I couldn't really define the differences in this 2 year old brew versus its younger self.

The Tripel Nova is a 10% ABV Belgian-style beer with hints of sweetness resulting from the addition of candi sugar to increase alcohol percentage. I had tried this beer before and liked the way that the one year aging process softened some of the alcohol "bite" of this beer, making it more mellow.

I didn't try the three year old Sticky McDoogle, which is a 7.2% ABV Scotch Ale; however, another customer noted that the aging process had made Sticky's hop character more subdued. This did not make the beer more appealing, since the beer's inherent hoppiness gives its malty flavor a clean finish.

In addition to serving these impeccable beers, Ale Asylum also helped support St. Mark's Food Pantry at its Aged Asylum event yesterday. Those patrons that brought in canned goods for the pantry were provided with a beer ticket for a free non-aged beer. I used my ticket to get the Bedlam IPA, which is a 7.5% ABV Belgian-style beer made with Citra hops. This beer, though dubbed an IPA, is quite mellow on its hops bitterness; you smell more than taste the hops presence in this beer.

Ale Asylum had also advertised a bean bag toss, called Asylum Bags, to help St. Mark's Friday Meal program. Unfortunately, I either missed this bean bag toss or, due to the crowds, it had just not been set up. The bean bag toss was supposed to occur from 3-6PM.

In order to better enjoy these brewskies and remain seated on my bar stool, I ordered a Falbo Brothers Anniversary pizza made with 10 year old aged Carr Valley Cheddar, Madtown Nutbrown Ale infused bratwurst, mozzarella, caramelized onions and Horsey Dijon mustard sauce. The pizza came with a side of kraut. The pizza tasted much like a brat except that it looked like a pizza. The Anniversary pizzas lasted only until about 6PM before they had been sold out.

The Aged Asylum event is one of the last events for the original Ale Asylum brewery and brewpub. Very soon, Ale Asylum will be moving to its new 45,000-square-foot location at the intersection of Packers Avenue and International Lane. This new place will be about six times the size of the original Ale Asylum location, with a capacity to brew 50,000 barels of beer annually.