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Album review: New Found Glory- "Radiosurgery"

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Album review: New Found Glory- "Radiosurgery"


For most people, breakups are just one of the certainties of life- right up there next to death and taxes. No one understands this better than the men of New Found Glory, who have spent the last almost decade-and-a-half musing over the perks and pitfalls of love and relationships. On "Radiosurgery," these pop-punk veterans are taking a look at each step of the relationship, from first glances to the breakdown.

While New Found Glory have stated that the title of the album, "Radiosurgery," has to do with getting the memories of someone out of the brokenhearted's mind after the dissolution of a relationship, the album still has that characteristic upbeat New Found Glory pop-punk sound. "Radiosurgery" has an almost nostalgic feel to it, as though the songs are written from the perspective of someone who is looking back at all of the stages of a love relationship. There is no underlying sentiment of regret, just of optimism as the person looks back at happy times and sad ones as someone who has long gotten past these events.

It seems like not so long ago that New Found Glory were experimenting with a slightly heavier sound, ala their 2004 album "Catalyst," but "Radiosurgery" has fully embraced their pop-punk roots, and proves that unlike their contemporaries, New Found Glory are able to avoid deviating far from their original sound, but to improve on their craft and garner more fans along the way.

"Radiosurgery," from beginning to end, is a pop-punk joyride. From the title track to the closing track, "Map Of Your Body," the album is so throughly enjoyable that even NFG haters would find themselves singing along with the catchy choruses. It's not reinventing the pop-punk genre, but rather stands as a shining example of the best aspects of the genre.

It's hard to believe that it has been nearly fifteen years since the release of New Found Glory's self-titled debut. However, judging by how "Radiosurgery" gets lodged in the listeners' brain, the band have never sounded better.