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Album review: Lili Champ- "Vientos"

Lili Champ- "Vientos"


You can slap as many genre labels on a band as you want, but the only thing these funny genre names will never tell you is if an album is actually any good. You might decide against buying an album with the "pop-punk" genre attached, but in the case of a band like Chile's Lili Champ, you would really be missing out, because this is punk and pop-punk at its finest.

From the beginning, Lili Champ's album "Vientos" is reminiscent of early Blink 182, sometime before their egos got in the way of the music. It has the same raw feel to it- an album that isn't overproduced to the point where the rough edges become indistinguishable. It's how punk rock had intended to be.

From the opening strains of "Entrevientos," listeners can easily tell that this is the sort of album that will stay on repeat for days. About half of the album is in Spanish, but Lili Champ couldn't appear to care less about language barriers. "Vientos" is proof that any album can rock in multiple languages. The speed of "21 Balas" proves that the language of the lyrics certainly will nto affect the quality of the music. The mellow, country-tinged closing track " Piso" is perhaps one of the best closing tracks for any album, easing the listener out of this album, only to likely have the listener put the CD back on for another spin or two.

While "Vientos" tends to fall under the pop-punk category, this is pop-punk at its finest. There is the speed and infectious energy that simply cannot be denied, setting Lili Champ far ahead of what passes for pop-punk currently.

"Vientos" is the sort of album that punk and pop-punk fans alike would enjoy. And if you don't speak Spanish, this album may motivate you to learn the language in order to be able to belt out the lyrics at the nearest Lili Champ show.