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Album review: Kelly Price 'Sing Pray Love Vol.1: SING'

Album by Kelly Price


Seven-time Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Kelly Price is slated to release her seventh album entitled "Sing Pray Love Vol.1: SING" June 3 via eOnemusic. This 11 track story is a blazing mix of uptempo danceable songs commingled with gospelesque undertones on select pieces. All of these things combined in one space create, a soul grabbing, vividly clear musical saga from one of the most sonically perfect voices in the business today.

seven-time Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter Kelly Price
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Like the perfect play list, Sing, Pray, Love: Vol 1 SING features songs that are authentic, optimistic and resolved. This forthcoming seventh album by Kelly Price is filled with refreshing R&B songs sprinkled with gospel undertones of hope, faith and determination. "“I want people to believe that they are on the brink of something great,"” Kelly says. “This album is about a journey, from start to finish.”

Kelly left it all in the ring with this one…the journey was exciting, thought provoking and evoked relevant mental images from my past…definitely not an album solely for women. Every song provides an opportunity for EVERYONE male or female, to reexamine and galvanize themselves to keep moving forward.

I was provided a private media link to listen to the full album and overall, a very beautiful and inspiring creation from Kelly Price, I enjoyed it straight through from start to finish.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5, because nobody is perfect.


While the entire project is a straight through play, even on repeat, here are a couple joints that caught me:

Track 2: "Its My Time" is a rousing up tempo anthem celebrating self awareness, acknowledging that the work has been put in and now its time for the main show! It's ok to welcome and celebrate success…

Track 9: "Conversation With Her" probably needs no explanation but its filled with twists and turns and definitely has a surprise ending to this story…gives another vivid example of "you are living my life now."

In three words, Kelly Price has managed to describe her life and music. Sing, Pray, Love is the completion of Kelly as a woman, mother, writer, friend and singer. Of course, there will be more singing, more praying and more loving since this album is part of a three-volume series but for now, enjoy the ride of Sing Pray Love Vol 1: SING.

Get more information on Kelly and her upcoming album and listen to the new single "It's My Time" on her official site

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