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'Alan Partridge' is a good solid British satire

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Alan Partridge


In "Alan Partridge," radio station DJ Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) has a heighten sense of concern when new owners take over his radio station. Partridge, a bloke just out for his own gain, throws his friend and co-worker Pat Farrell (Colm Meaney) under the bus and suggests to the new owners that the best way to make a fresh start is to fire Pat - which they do much to Alan's blissful surprise.

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The decision ends up being a disastrous one when Alan returns to work and realizes that Pat has taken the radio station's employees hostage. Alan escapes and goes back to the radio station with police in tow in order to get Pat to stand down. To this, Alan only thinks of how his actions will improve his standings with his new boss and that being a hero will increase his ratings. Having his co-workers held hostage and at risk of losing their lives is never much on Alan's mind.

Alan easily coasts his ego into the idea that he is hosting a siege and during the crises, more than a few stabs are focused at media conglomerates, a jingle is created, a friendship is tested and lots of laughs are in the mix.

This British satire, based on a character created by Steve Coogan in "On the Hour" - an BBC Radio 4 program (also co-written by Coogan) is a fun romp that easily makes fun of the times we are in, especially for those of us that are old enough to remember simpler days. Coogan and Meaney make great partners and adversaries at the same time and match each other's comic timing very well. The moments when Coogan and Meaney are doing the DJ spots are the best of the film. "Alan Partridge" is not a film for everyone, but if you enjoy a fun British flick with bit of wit, this is a film not to miss.


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