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Alamo Cafe - Cozy food that wont kill your wallet

Images from the cafe.
Images from the cafe.
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Alamo Cafe


Living in Walnut Creek, you have the rare pleasure of being in proximity to great shopping and restaurants within minutes in downtown. In addition, you have the surrounding small neighborhoods that provide charm, affordable food, and a little less crowds, if that's what you're looking for! In the city of Alamo, within 8 minutes of Walnut Creek, is a quaint little cafe called the Alamo Cafe.

Outside Entrance
iPhone images from C M Photography

Alamo, Danville, and Walnut Creek all hold a certain air about them - quaint, cozy, mellow living, with beautiful weather, connection with animals and nature, and a sense of community. This little restaurant definitely captures that feeling. In a little plaza, the Alamo Cafe is a small restaurant, with limited seating, but the feeling is much like that of a small town home kitchen. The staff is friendly and prompt, and more importantly, the food is good. Whether you want to get a combo special, or build your own meal a la carte, the options are at your disposal.

Serving breakfast and lunch since 1947, this little family tradition cafe provides home style meals at a reasonable price. The pancakes are dinner plate size! Everything is made fresh to order, and you're left satisfied, and in some cases, with leftover food for later.

So, if you're over on the Iron Horse trail and decide to stop off for a quick breakfast or lunch, or you're just looking for a nice meal in the area, head over to the Alamo Cafe!

Cost: $

Noise: Medium

Food: Good

Service: Good


$ = Affordable

$$ = Little Pricey

$$$ = Expensive


Low = Little to no conversation or noise to be heard.

Medium = people having conversations but you can still have your own conversation.

Loud = you can't hear yourself think.


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