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AirEssence™ product by Agraria is elegant, fresh, and long-lasting

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Agraria AirEssence™ Fragrance diffuser


Living life to the fullest and experiencing small joys in the home is what we’re all about. For that reason we here at Lifestyle Examiner are interested in products that make our day easier, cleaner, more pleasant and fun.

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Just recently, we sampled Agraria’s next generation of AirEssence™, a product that infuses scent into your home. Our scent? Mediterranean jasmine, blooming honeysuckle, gardenia buds, freesia, lily of the valley and tuberose (see photo). To begin, it arrives beautifully boxed, like a small treasure, but secure and well wrapped. The packaging is flawless. The colors of the box, the product itself, and the accouterments are coordinated to be noticed in a subtle, high-end way.

There is a glass bottle of fragrance—essential oils—and the scent will be wicked though sola flowers. These are handmade and quite beautiful using the dried peel of the tapioca plant (who knew?—Agraria, of course). This is not a chintzy, plastic gizmo, but an eco-friendly, natural material.

" ...This is not a chintzy, plastic gizmo ..."

The flower petals will change color as the oil is diffused into the air, and, after a while, they will be moist and über fragrant. Depending on where it’s placed, even after the oil dissipates, the wood grains in the dispenser hold onto that essence and can remain active about one year. So, while the initial cost is approximately $110 retail; this eliminates any candles or grocery store fragrance vehicles for a very long time.

There are a nice selection of holidays coming up and this would be ideal as a gift for the first day of Spring, Passover, Easter, Mother’s Day and, of course, Birthdays. It would be an asset after spring cleaning or get it started before a Wedding ceremony, Graduation or large party event.

We’re sure this Agraria product will become part and parcel of your arsenal for excellent home accessories that will remain memorable for or for a gift for a loved one a very long time.

Visit the slideshow to see examples of color and fragrance profiles.