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AirCam twin-engine homebuilt airplane is one of the most unique designs

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Are you looking for a small airplane with unobstructed visibility and easy as well as cheap to fly?

AirCam might be a good solution. With AirCam, you can fly to places that almost no other airplane will let you go. The AirCam is a twin-engine experimental home built aircraft that can fly 10 feet above the tree tops, then climb up and away on one engine if needed.

Such slow and low exploration can't be done in any other twin-engine GA plane, or any other Aircraft, with the same level of assurance.

  • Twin Engine Safety
  • Great Handling
  • Stunning slow-speed abilities
  • Take off under 100 feet
  • Land under 500 feet

This unique airpl;ane design can take off on one engine, and with both Rotax 912's turning, leap off ground in less than 200 feet and climb safely at impressive terrain and obstacle clearing angles.

AirCam offers a cruise that is whisper quiet, just off idle, at the fantastic low level sight seeing speed of only 55mph while burning as little as 3.5 gph. "This is just a small piece of why we say that the AirCam from Lockwood Aircraft is simply the greatest flying experience in the word", the manufacturer says.

AirCam enthusiasts may join the AirCam team and other AirCam owners for a special event this coming June at Heaven’s Landing in Clayton, GA. This amazing location will prove to be a very special fly-in.