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Agraria spring soaps review

Agraria Luxury Bath Soaps with Spring Scents
Agraria Luxury Bath Soaps with Spring Scents
Courtesy of Agraria

Agraria Spring Soaps: Lime and Orange Blossoms and Lemon Verbena


An Agraria soap bar is always in our shower. Despite all the body washes, we find this preferable. It lasts an extremely long time—so it is value-worthy.

Agraria Luxury Bath Bars
Courtesy of Agraia

You can control your lather. If you wash with a body glove—it’s just the right texture—you will both exfoliate your skin and soap it up simultaneously.

We create a U-shape when we use the bar to keep it up and out of the water that pools on the shelf, for example.
The scents are never overpowering or too slight. But you will find a pleasant sensation meets you during use, as the smells are comforting. We like the new Spring scents and describe the two we have like this:

Lime and Orange Bslossom: This luxury bath bar contains Olive Oil, Vitamin E, rich Shea Butter, Yucca Oil, Kukui Oil, and Sea Fennel for exceptional cleaning and toning. The scent is fresh and clean—it reminds us of a bowl of oranges that are ripe but not soft. The lime edge makes your nose perk up as if you were cleansing your nostrils and this would be especially nice if you have been where people smoke as this would make you feel really clean and clear your senses of the toxic smolder. By the way the package is gorgeous and looks like it has gilded lemon slices, crossed with gold petal flowers on a border of pink fuschia.

Lemon Verbena: This scent is bright and brings to mind a slight summer rain over new grass crossed with a light lemon pudding cooking smell (the old-fashioned way). This bar feels like it could get rid of headaches and leaves behind a very slight tingly smell, which shouldn’t clash with any other fragrance you wear.

The bath bars are $20 and would make a very welcomed gift for the hostess, a work friend’s promotion, a grandmother surprise or for anyone who needs a lift after a divorce.