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Agatha Christie's: The Queen Of Crime Collection (2014) - Mystery at its best

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Agatha Christie's: The Queen Of Crime Collection (2014)


Agatha Christie mysteries have been delighting us for years. Once again to tantalize us we have 'The Queen Of Crime Collection'. Three beautifully put together stories: "Sparkling Cyanide", "Why Didn't They Ask Evans?", and "Seven Dials Mystery" are part of this collection.

Agatha Christie puts together the most interesting mystery that has been seen in the last many decades. The characters are especially nice and always make us wonder to the very end who done it. The intrigue and fascination that one has for these films makes this one of those packages for one's library.

For instance, in the 'Sparkling Cyanide' Christie has us believing that all is well with everyone in the film. That all the characters are there for each other but little by little the walls come tumbling down and we see them for what they are, conniving, deceitful, and backstabbing to the point of murder. The fun part is the how we must break down the walls. The beauty of the mystery is how so many times we try to unravel it but we can never actually get the murderer. Pauline Collins and Susan Hampshire are wonderful in this story. They are the stars. They are for our sake in this film and it shows how well we love their performance.

The DVD set of Agatha Christie's: The Queen Of Crime Collection comes out on January 28, 2014. Acorn TV once again brings us the best of the best of British television and film. The three stories are wonderfully done and the sound and visuals of the set are once again without flaws.

This is a must, as I have said, for any and all who consider themselves a mystery aficionado. The stories are wonderfully put together. The twists and turns always keep you at your most intrigued. You never want to stray away in case you have missed something. You always want to come back and see them again and again. For you see, this is wonderful entertainment at its glorious best.