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'Afternoon Delight' stirs up sexual healing

Afternoon Delight


Bored housewife Rachel (Kathryn Hahn) is in dire need of some sexual healing. Frustrated with her partner (Josh Radnor), her child and her domestic life, she thinks she should stir things up to get what she needs. "Afternoon Delight", an amusing Comedy that arrives Tuesday, February 18th on Blu Ray or DVD from Cinedigm Entertainment, that tries to show what Kathryn desires is a release to find that healing.

Available February 3rd on Blu Ray and DVD

Tired of her daily routine of preschool fundraisers and a lack of sex with her husband ("It's been six months!"-- she says), she strives to spice her love life up by going to a gentleman's club. There she meets Mckenna (a beguiling Juno Temple), the polar opposite of Kathryn. Young, unattached and often sleeping with the customers she dances for at the club. Taking her in, Kathryn questions her about her sex life and how she can be so uninhibited. Of course, all in a ruse to save the stripper from herself.

Witty, wild and frank, this adult film explores one woman's attempts to change her benign existence. Even if that means pushing away her circle of friends or her trusting spouse, all in hopes of capturing the spark she seems to think has long been burned out.

Writer/Director Jill Soloway provides a smart picture full of honest detail and natural dialogue that confronts issues that some modern women must face in their own mid-life crisises. Add in an admirable cast that includes Hahn, Radnor, Temple and Jane Lynch as a misguiding shrink and you have a Comedy that pushes all the right buttons on sexual healing.


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