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Affordable Licensed Music for Videographers and Photographers - Ear Candy Club

Ear Candy Club Music All Access Pass, Great and affordable music for photographers and videographers


If you are a photographer or videographer and want to stand out from your pack of peers you need to market and provide outstanding quality products to your clients. Albums of still photos and online albums are wonderful but slideshows, video showreels and fusions videos are making a big impact in the industry and make your work outstanding. is here to help you make an impact with your clients. EarCandyClub provides affordable, unlimited-usage license songs for nearly every type of photographic work for only $29 per song.

Here are some key features of the Ear Candy Club (Music for Creatives):

  • One time payment - never asked to upgrade or charged again
  • Over 100 songs available for instant download
  • Access anywhere- on location or in studio
  • Quick- One click, instant downloads with no checkout

I had the opportunity to interview Travis Brown, founder of EarCandyClub:

Question: What was the impetus for creating EarCandyClub?

Travis: My mother is a professional photographer and told me she attended a conference where an artist was selling a CD of music for use with photography. I looked around at some companies that were doing the same thing and decided to start my very own. My approach was to make music specifically for photography themes instead of retroactively licensing music to just make extra money.

Q: What background did you have in the industry, either photography or music?

Travis: My background is solely in music. I toured the country for several years and acquired a degree in Music Business from Columbia. With a few close friends as resources, I am slowly learning more and more about how cool photography is and how much hard work goes into creating these moving images.

Q. How did you pull your team together in the first months of business?

Travis: From EarCandyClub's beginning it has always just been myself at the helm. I learned very quickly how to build a website and built a studio to record music in. Trial by fire so to speak. I am still learning everyday and hope to expand soon. Luckily my wife, who is in marketing, has been rooting me on and giving me great perspective and help on a daily basis.

Q: How are you getting the word out?

Travis: Right now we are partnering with small blogs and photography companies to spread the word about our service. Companies like Digital Wedding Forum, Bludomain, and others have let us advertise for a fair price and hopefully get to know more and more photographers.

Q: How long have you been in business?

Travis: I started EarCandyClub in 2008 with 5 songs. I just celebrated the 5 year anniversary with a catalog of over 70 original songs!

Q: What's your best story from a photographer?

Travis: Right now we are getting many emails from our All Access Members about how much they enjoy being able to use our entire library for one price. We also have an Unlimited Usage license. They can use the songs over and over with out being nickel and dimed. I think the overwhelming theme I see in these emails is that they feel our service is fair. Photographers shouldn't be penalized for wanting to use music in their work. It should be fun.

Q: What are the next steps for EarCandyClub?

Travis: The next steps for EarCandyClub are to spread the word about our All Access Pass. For one low fee you get access to our entire library (over 70 songs) with our unlimited usage license. Our members area has all the songs on one page so you dont have to endlessly click around to find music. Members also dont have a checkout process. We offer "one-click" downloads. The idea is to save photographers time and money. I really want people to enjoy using music and not worry about fine print, licenses, and renewals.

Q: Who are some of the exciting artists you have in the studio?

Travis: I am really excited about FUE, a female fronted indie rock band. I also have a great guitarist name Tim Dolbear who is one of our most popular artists in the studio creating some great acoustic instrumental tracks. I'm personally creating some new music as well that I am excited about. ( ECD releases 2-3 new songs a month. Remember- They are specifically written with photographers in mind.)

Q: What else should we know about EarCandyClub?

EarCandyClub's mission is to get photographers excited about using music again. Our goal is to help enhance your project while saving you time and money. It's really that simple. Reading fine print and worrying about licenses and registrations is not how the industry should be. Right now I hope to reinvent the way photogs can access and use music

So if you are a photographer or videographer you MUST check out this site and include it as part of your workflow. EarCandyClub may just add the right amount of sweetness to your success.

Check out an example of their music accompanied by a wonderful video showreel here .

Tina Case is a photographer out of the San Francisco Bay area. She provides lifestyle, corporate and product photography and enjoys creating slideshows and video showreels for clients. Check out her work at Tina Case Photography or on her Facebook page. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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