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'Adventures in Babysitting' is great fun

Adventures in Babysitting


Danger and excitement come together in Chicago, at least according to filmmakers. Yesterday, this column reviewed "The Blues Brothers," a comedy/adventure set in the windy city. Another genre film set in Chicago is "Adventures in Babysitting," from 1987. Here, we see how a quartet of young, innocent and sheltered suburbanites fare when challenged with some of the city's more unsavory characters.

"Adventures in Babysitting" begins with high school student Chris (played by Elisabeth Shue) learning that her boyfriend has cancelled their date for the evening. This disappoints her, and she ends up taking a babysitting gig. She has to watch Brad and his little sister, Sara. While tending to them in typical babysitting fashion, Chris gets a phone call from her distraught friend, Brenda (played by Penelope Ann Miller), who is stuck in a dilapidated bus station in Chicago. She is scared to leave on her own and insists that Chris come and rescue her. Chris is not supposed to drive into the city, and she has to watch Brad and Sara. But she reluctantly agrees to the trek when Brenda begs her. The kids get to go with her when they remind her that they are not to be left alone. Joining them is Brad's friend, Daryl. When they arrive in the city, things get complicated when Chris's car has a tire blowout. From here, things quickly get more dangerous for them.

"Adventures in Babysitting" is a very enjoyable film. It is quite exciting since their are numerous obstacles the main characters face. In one scene, they end up in a chop shop and have to escape by crossing the girders in the ceiling to avoid getting caught.

Elisabeth Shue is very effective in the lead role. She create a character who is likeable and always tries to protect the kids.

"Adventures in Babysitting" is a great choice for fans of light comedies and anyone who has ever spent an evening babysitting.