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'Adventure Time: The Suitor' DVD: 16 episodes of less than stellar filler

"Adventure Time: The Suitor" DVD


Episodes of Cartoon Network's hit animated series “Adventure Time” remind me of trips to the bars and/or late night frat parties with my college roommate. While walking to our drinking binge, he'd say or do something stupid such as suavely flirt with a sorority girl—who, he later discovered, was in fact a bit of well-trimmed shrubbery.

The front cover of the new "Adventure Time" DVD "The Suitor," available May 6 with an SRP of $19.82.
Tom Tonthat

These random antics from him were funny and original during the first few times that he did it. But after a few semesters, his antics became less funny as it became more predictable. We grew concerned over how he pretty much spent every night drinking and doing the same old schtick with different people and/or pieces of landscape. Perhaps we should have told him that he didn't have to go out drinking in an attempt to entertain us and he should probably pursue new ventures so people can still remember his original acts of random hilarity. And I'm sure there's a tangent between this and Cartoon Network's “Adventure Time” somewhere.

Now into its sixth season, Cartoon Network has grabbed another 16 episodes of “Adventure Time” into its latest compilation DVD “The Suitor.” Like most of these “Adventure Time” compilation DVDs from Cartoon Network, it's a grab bag of episodes featuring Finn the Human, Jake the stretchy dog, and a colorful cast of characters set in the Land of Ooo. Like the episode “The Suitor,” most of the episodes in “The Suitor” DVD are taken from the fifth season.

When Cartoon Network releases DVDs that are a random grab bag of episodes from their hit series, it's usually a lottery of fun episodes with a few forgettable ones. In “The Suitor's” case, this lottery ticket consists of primarily forgettable episodes. Whether they're joke episodes consisting of one joke stretched too far from funny to annoying or dramatic one-shot vignettes that drag on, it feels that these later season episodes of “Adventure Time” lack the sharp wit and storytelling that the earlier episodes had.

Perhaps Cartoon Network had a bad draw in picking episodes for “The Suitor” DVD. Or perhaps the show is losing its creative edge. In either case, fans of "Adventure Time" will likely enjoy the artwork of "The Suitor" DVD while its episodes fill in the gap until the full fourth and fifth season DVDs are finally released.

Meanwhile, I have to simply ask: "Where the heck is Gunter?"

“The Suitor" is available starting May 6 at the SRP of $19.82.

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