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Adventure Time The Complete Third Season comes to Blu-ray

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Adventure Time the Complete Third Season


What started out as a cartoon short on Random! Cartoons went viral leading to Adventure Time debuting as a full series 2010 on Cartoon Network. Currently on its fifth season the series has had numerous DVD releases from episode collections to complete seasons giving the fans a chance to check it out whenever they wanted so what more could they want? Fans spoke and Cartoon Network listened and now have finally gotten their wish as Adventure Time the complete third season comes to Blu-ray.

Adventure time follows the adventures of Finn, a human boy, and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake, a dog with magical powers to change shape and grow and shrink at will. Finn and Jake live in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. Along the way, they interact with the other main characters of the show: Princess Bubblegum, The Ice King, and Marceline the Vampire Queen. This season once again continued to let the creative juices flow as it delivers some of the most unique stories and characters out there. The look and feel of this show gives the appearance of a young children’s programming, but as we all know it is far from it. That continues to be one of the strong forces to making this show successful alongside the cleverly brilliant writing. Make no mistake, this show is ridiculous, but that is the charm of it all. It always feels fresh and new, but still has the classic cartoon vibe making it appealing to everyone. The subject matter isn’t blatantly adult all the time, but does make sure to keep pushing the limit often, but still manages to walk the line close enough that it can be enjoyed by all. This season seemed to go even more over the top than the first two which you wouldn’t think was possible.

Make no mistake this is a series that is an acquired taste, but still maintains one of the more clever ones out there. If you thought the first two seasons were fun, then you are in for a treat as season three just gets even better. In addition to all 26 episodes of the third season the Blu-ray also features commentaries, an alternate Adventure Time Intro, and the How An Idea Becomes Adventure Time featurette.

Be sure to grab your copy of Adventure Time the complete third season on Blu-ray when it hits stores on February 25th.

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