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Adults Only "The Mix" Mixes Gay Marriage with Sexual Introductions

Christian Wilde goes tender on on-screen fiance Felix Warner in "The Mix."
Christian Wilde goes tender on on-screen fiance Felix Warner in "The Mix."

Adult Only Film


This is not usually the forum to discuss porn.

Gay marriage gets a sexy treament in adults-only "The Mix."

As a gay man, I love porn. I usually get the five minutes I need from various websites. I've long given up on porn movies as, beyond that five minutes, they don't offer me much.

Until now.

I've recently uncovered the work of mr. Pam, the first female director/videographer/writer, who does gay male porn. What makes her work worthy is it's plot driven and she tries to get more out of her actors than the money shot.

I recently heard a lot about mr. Pam's "The Mix" movie how she spends as much time on plot and acting as she does with the sex scenes. Like the adult film trailblazer Candida Royalle, mr. Pam is making her movies more sexual and sensual.

If you don't know Royalle, she was a former porn star and decided to get behind the camera and start making porn for women. Not lesbian porn in her case, but porn that women would like with an equal mix of character development and story as well as hot and even romantic sex scenes. Think of a Harlequin novel with an erection. Royalle opened the door for many female adult film directors to do straight porn and lesbian porn. And now, we have mr. Pam, who may be a mister a she relates to the boys, but is definitely a natural born female.

"The Mix" does have a light easy, breezy plot - and it couldn't come out at a better time. A sexy young gay couple decide to get married now that's its legal. But before the wedding plans get underway, they thought they should have their friends meet each other, which ends up being a lot of odd couple pairs - sexual and otherwise.

The movie stars Naked Sword mainstay Christian Wilde as one of the happy grooms. His sex scene with Felix Warner is actually romantic and tender. In previews of other Naked Sword movies of his, he proves to be a versatile actor - and I don't just mean sexually versatile as he can go from tender to tough with a stroke of the hand.

While the movie only has about six sex scenes, mr. Pam makes them all worth it.

Angel Rock brings a hot Latin heat the minute he enters the scene. Too bad the audience couldn't cool off with him in his sexy pool scene but at least Jake Farren is a lucky recipient of his huge charms.

Sexy Race Cooper plays an uptight friend who is limbered up in the most sexy way but co-star Blue Bailey. But the real scene stealers are Connor Maguire and Conner Habib. Maguire first seduces Habib by the pool and it worked perfectly as I too was ready to explode by the time they got down to business. And that business is done hanging by a tree in the woods near the Russian River, easily being the most creative and hottest scene in the movie.

Would "The Mix" have won an Oscar? Probably not. But it is definitely a step in a direction that could one day lead to movies with crossover appeal. With society always evolving, one never knows if an adult film could ever compete for such a high caliber movie award. In 1969, it was shocking that the X-rated "Midnight Cowboy" was voted Best Picture at the Academy Awards. But, by today's standards, that movie might just be PG-13. Perhaps one day, male nudity and the act of same sex scenes will become less taboo. Funny, society (and MPAA) allow beheadings, stabbings, massacres, extreme violent scenes and graphic female nudity to get an R rating, but when it comes to men, our private parts and what we do with them is a hard X.

With me, so far, mr. Pam movies give me a hard.... X.

Get more information (or see and read what I can't mention here) at the adults oriented sites of You can also order a DVD at

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