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Adrenaline Mob scores another hit with Men of Honor

Men Of Honor by Adrenaline Mob


Adrenaline Mob took the world by storm back in 2012 with their debut album Omertà with the sound, the fury, and some incredibly wild guitar work by Mike Orlando. They followed that with 2013’s covers EP entitled Covertà that blew even more people away with the bands off the top work on classics such as Van Halen’s Romeo Delight.

Adrenaline Mob

The band has toured with some of the greats in the world of rock from Godsmack to Halestorm and has always left the crowds begging for more. See them with Lizzy Hale performing Heart's "Barracuda". Being so passionate about the music and the fans, the new album is titled Men Of Honor. On why and how the title came about:

“My dad came up with the title, believe it or not,” admits lead guitarist Mike Orlando [Sonic Stomp] . “We were thinking about names for the record, and he said, ‘Why don’t you guys call it Uomini D’Onore [translation - Men of Honor]?’ I knew that was it. We’re tight like brothers. This is a musical gang. The message is to stand strong with Adrenaline Mob. Regardless of what’s changed, we are men of honor, and we will honor this entity until we die.”

With drummer A.J. Pero, now in the group alongside bassist John Moyer [Disturbed], singer Russell Allen [Symphony X, Trans-Siberian Orchestra], and Orlando, the band simply destroys it through incendiary solos, unshakable guitar grooves, catchy hooks, and expands their depth with acoustic guitars and personal lyrics.

“I played Mike this idea on the acoustic,” says Allen. “We fed off of each other though. I wanted a ‘tell it like it is’ song. Everybody in New Jersey and Staten Island really suffered from Hurricane Sandy last year. Mike saw it firsthand. I wanted to reach those people with the song and speak to them in a way. That was the inspiration behind it. We all go through things that make you want to give up and lay down and die. You can’t though.”

Make no mistake; these guys rock and rock hard with songs like the opener “Mob Is Back” that shows off Orlando’s skill on the frets at a high rate of speed while holding melodic crunch within the frenzied attack that kicks off the song before blasting into the song itself.

“It’s high energy with a cool groove and sexy bass line. It’s about a strip club. You go into those places, and they’re houses of lies. Make me feel good. Lie to me honey!” Orlando states.

Or take the wickedly delicious rocker “Feel The Adrenaline” which is the song you put in your cars sound system and blast the windows out while driving down the highway at 90MPH.

“It’s about a car, but it’s also about us,” Orlando explains. Are you feeling the Adrenaline we’re bringing you as a band? You can take it a few ways. There’s the double entendre of a beautiful girl and the car too. It’s whatever gets you revved up.”

“You could call that song ‘Adrenaline Mob’,” laughs Allen. “It’s a staple of the band’s heavy sound that mixes the classic vibe and newer elements. It’s a driving force. You crank it, and you go. It gets your blood pumping. We want everyone to be moved by it. It’s very basic, but it’s really powerful. We want listeners to take that ride with us.”

They honor you the fans with this album that every rock fan worldwide should have in their collection.

“I want everyone who listens to this to feel psyched,” concludes Orlando. “I want them to get excited about watching us kick ass live. At the end of the day, we’re a live band. The album conveys that. I think it’s going to leave everybody with a variety of emotions, and there’s nothing better than getting a reaction.”

“This is a rock ‘n’ roll mafia,” Allen leaves off. “We’re here, and we mean business. Men of Honor is a stamp that says we honor this music, and we’re never going to betray it.”

And they honor it all perhaps better than just about anyone on the planet with this new album. Catch them on the newly announce tour with Avenged Sevenfold and Hellyeah at a city near you on the Shepard of Fire Tour playing all over North America in April and May ending at Rock on the Range May 17th. The tour hits Syracuse at Oncenter May 15th. (Syracuse tickets link)

Adrenaline Mob line up:

  • Russell Allen - Vocals
  • Mike Orlando - Guitar
  • John Moyer – Bass
  • AJ Pero – Drums

Men Of Honor (Century Media) track list:

  1. Mob Is Back
  2. Come On Get Up
  3. Dearly Departed
  4. Behind These Eyes
  5. Let It Go
  6. Feel The Adrenaline
  7. Men Of Honor
  8. Crystal Clear
  9. House Of Lies
  10. Judgment Day
  11. Fallin' To Pieces


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