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Adopt a blob review

Adopt a Blob Mobile Game


As a gamer who loves a camaraderie of titles, I enjoy multimillion dollar releases as much as quaint, independent ones. Likewise, I dabble in some mobile games; Jas’ “Adopt a Blob”, available for free on the Android Play store, has the fundamentals for the simulation genre down, and while it lacks in substance, is a serviceable pet sim that has room for improvement.
In the game, players are given an eponymous blob of which they can name and play with; the interface is focused on the blob, as well as many of the game’s features. Health and experience bars are located on the main interface, and represents the blob’s mood. Playing games will help increase experience, which will in turn level up the character. The updated version of the application includes three minigames as well as a piano mode, which players can tinker with. Aside from the games, players can also purchase items to dress and feed their blob with.
As aforementioned, the game has the basics of the simulation genre down; the game was a great diversion for what it was worth. However, there is room for more depth to be shown; the original minigames were generic versions of Simon and a match game, which got tedious quickly. However, the updated application included “bounce”, which was an endless runner inspired minigame in which the blob is required to go through fifty rings for points. I spent a few more minutes with that game alone, and was surprised at how it changed the replay value. More little addictive titles in future updates will really help out with the amount of content in the game, or even different difficulty levels for the existing ones (I personally wouldn’t mind an endless version of the bounce minigame). Unfortunately the updated version rendered the piano mode unplayable, as the notes for the songs are now hidden from sight; a future revision should fix that.
Other than that, I found no urgency of tending my blob; while health steadily went down, there was no indicator that the blob was in trouble or that it wanted to be fed; a change in the music or blob’s face would be helpful. All of the items are purely aesthetic with no lasting effect to the game as a whole. Even the experience levels as of this writing have no effect on the player; granting a special item or more points for reaching a level threshold would be more fulfilling. Unlockable levels to the minigames or extra piano pieces to purchase would be a nice touch as well. The music is decently fitting now, as the original application had a grating piano piece that is thankfully relegated to the title screen only. All in all, an addition of minigames and content would help this game out immensely. As it stands however, “Adopt a Blob” is worth checking out, and with more updates, could stand out in the bloated simulation market.

You can download Adopt a Blob from the Google Play store here.