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Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Review

Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Review
Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Review
jeff gedgaud

Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Review


Adobe continues to produce a mediocre video editing product in Premiere Elements that has good features but brings good computers to their knees with crashes and system freezes.

Ease of Use, Performance: 2/5
Look & Feel: 3/5
Features: 4/5
How much I enjoy: 1/5

Recommendation: 2/5 Stars

Premiere Elements 12 would be a great video editing program like its big brother Premiere Pro but lack of smooth video editing on what is supposed to be supported Windows systems ruins my experience. Premiere Elements 12 does have a good organizer that is also used by Photoshop Elements but the similarity between both Elements programs ends there.

Premiere Elements 12 continues the same fully featured program as previous editions but systems running slower and crashes do not make this a welcome release. I have had problems with previous releases of Premiere Elements and this release just continues the same problems even on new computers.

I had little to no problems using the organizer and selecting clips and videos as well as moving them around in files so I have no gripes about that part of the program. The organizer can help when you have numerous video clips and keep things neat and tidy but video editing can be problematic.

Video editing is another question as my system slowed down and crashed numerous times on two different computers with more than the system requirements that Adobe lists. I am using a 3 GHz processor and 16 gigabytes of memory while their minimum is a 2 GHz CPU and 2 GB of ram.

Video editing is pretty straightforward if you are used to the program and some if its small quirks but I found other programs that worked better. Adding video clips is as simple as can be but editing them down takes patience and some work while other factors can be troublesome.

I really like the cut tool right on the marker where your video is currently at but other features seem intentionally difficult or simply unintended. Most of the issues I was having and smaller problems were corrected in patches while the crashing still happens and my system is sometimes brought to a standstill.

Editing, adding clips and using tools like text for menus, changing speeds of clips and just about everything else I did worked well overall but the program just drags my system down. I had to continually render the video to ensure things stayed smooth and often crashes would have me restarting my computer and starting an edit from a previously saved spot.

I have no problems with this type of behavior in Premiere Pro and even used the same video clips to make sure I was not having a problem from the hardware used to capture video. I have Premiere Pro CS5 installed on the same computer which works just fine but Premiere Elements 12 just crashes too often to be a usable tool for video editing.

Video editing should not be a system drain and while I do not have a top video editing system my computer handles Premiere Pro and other editing programs just fine. Premiere Elements is still not worth paying for due to this system crashing and freezing up on me.

Many features of Premiere Elements work just fine but Premiere Elements 12 just continues to be a problem even though I am using a new computer with different video than I did on previous editions. I just cannot recommend Adobe’s newest release of Premiere Elements, the program continues to have bugs or problems and I can use other programs without the hassles.

Premiere Elements 12 @ Adobe

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Video editing works most of the time
Organizer handles video clips well

Crashes and freezing system

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