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Adler Planetarium (review)

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Adler Planetarium


Last month I vacationed in Chicago and visited the Adler Planetarium. In Dallas we have the Museum of Nature and Science, which includes a limited amount of information regarding anything outside of the Earth. Adler is the first true planetarium I've experienced and they had much more to offer than you might expect.

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There are several interactive learning experiences for kids and interesting exhibits for adults within the well-designed two-story planetarium. The item I found most interesting throughout the exhibits was the Gemini 12 space capsule, once manned by Buzz Aldrin and Jim Lovell. The exhibit that discussed the Big Bang, dark matter, space expansion and how we came to exist thanks to supernovae was also impressive. I enjoyed getting to take a look at and handle some of the old instruments used to (accurately or inaccurately) tell us what time it was or explain our solar system, etc. It's a great place for youth to learn more about space, exploration and our history.

Check out the slideshow of images I've included from my planetarium visit!

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