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Add Space to Your Macbook with the Lexar Echo MX Backup USB Drive

Lexar Echo MX 64gb


While at CES I was lucky enough to meet with Lexar and learn about some new products in their line-up. One of those is the Lexar® Echo MX Backup Drive. The model that I received for review is the 64gb Echo MX backup drive. The Echo is available in 8gb, 16gb, 32gb, 64gb, and 128gb versions. The larger versions are rated up to 30mb/s which makes for fast data transfer.

Believe it or not, there are still some drives and devices that don't work well with Mac. Every now and then I run into a problem. Then of course there are some things that work great with Mac hardware. The Echo MX is one of those. When reviewing the MX I tested it on my MacBook Pro and the included backup software worked great.

This is the Macbook that I use for work. It was passed down to me from another, so I had no say over the specs. It has only a 128gb SSD hard drive. SSD is nice, but this means that I am running out of space... quickly. I don't keep a lot of data on the machine, just many applications, and I am already down to only 16gb free. So, it is great to have a small device like the Echo MX with such a large amount of space where I can keep my data and not worry about the space on my Macbook running out.

I wrote a full review of the unit on Mom Blog Magazine. Please click over to read.

What is your favorite backup device for your Mac?