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Add Masi Agricola wines to your next Italian meal

Masi Pinot Grigio
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Masi Agricola Wines


This weekend I tasted two delicious Italian Wines from Masi Agricola, a Venetian wine making family who has called the region home since the 18th century. My tasting companions already knew the wines well, and were excited to re-taste along with me. We started with the white Pinot Grigio blend with our bread, olive oil and salad curse, and moved onto the red Corvina blend with our heartier Coq Au Vin (we picked a french dish this week, but I would love to try these again with a great bold pasta dish).

Here are my key takeaways and notes on the wines:

Masianco Pinot Grigio e Verduzzo delle Venezie (2012)

This blend pairs Pinot Grigio with slightly over-ripe Verduzzo, which gives it a bright citrus and tart fruit flavor, with a smooth and round finish. It's a great wine to pair with a snack, salad, seafood or spicy dish, or to just drink alone. At an SRP $15, it's a steal for an easy drinking yet bold Italian white, called the "Supervenetian" white by the wine-growing family. This is a white I would soon buy again!

Campofiorin Rosso del Veronese (2010)

This rich red is a blend of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara, and is a bit atypical for a table wine, in its bolder yet subtle tannins. You can taste tart cherry and spice, and a hint of vanilla in this wine (very, very nice). I prefer a less tart red, but it was a great wine to enjoy with my chicken stew. You can pick this wine up for $18 SRP, and enjoy it day after day, with a hearty meal, bowl of your favorite pasta, or even a good slice of pizza.

I hope this inspires you to consider more Masi in your Italian wine palate; cheers to Italian wine in the week ahead!

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