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ADATA DashDrive Durable UD320: USB OTG flash drive for mobile devices

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ADATA DashDrive Durable UD320: USB OTG flash drive for mobile devices


A USB Flash drive can add valuable storage space to a desktop, laptop or tablet computer but some smartphones and tablets without a Host Mode were unable to benefit from this external storage. The ADATA UD320 microUSB adapter now allows those devices that support USB On-the-Go, or OTG, to connect to the drive to store files, backup data, and transfer files between devices faster than wireless or Bluetooth.

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If you've ever used a typical USB adapter to connect a full-sized flash drive to a tablet or other device with a small USB port, you know how cumbersome most large adapters can be on a small device. The UD320 is only 1.6" in length including the low profile flash drive and the microUSB adapter. The tiny size makes it ultra portable and convenient to use on your small devices running Android 4.1 or higher that support OTG.

The ADATA UD320 has the microUSB adapter with a protective cap at one end and a 16 or 32 GB flash drive at the other. There is a small ring on the side to add a lanyard if you wish. A lanyard is not included. Connecting the microUSB end to your tablet or smartphone allows you to copy files directly to the flash drive without the need for any cables or additional adapters. To transfer those files to your computer just remove the flash drive from the adapter part of the UD320 and plug the flash drive's type A USB connector into the standard USB port on your computer. No additional software is required. This is also faster and easier than using a cable to connect your device to the computer for file transfers. Just plug it in and copy your files just as you normally would.

The UD320 has a standard type A interface for the 16 or 32 GB flash drive. That means that you can swap out the original drive and use another flash drive if you wish. I have used the UD320 microUSB adapter with an assortment of ADATA flash drives including models UV150, UD310, and the ultra portable UC510. All were immediately recognized and usable on my 8" Nextbook tablet with Android 4.1 but no host mode. The UD320 is a flexible option for backing up your files and storing data for quick recovery from unexpected data failure. Plan ahead for the best outcome when disaster strikes.

ADATA's cutting edge chip-on-board (COB) manufacturing process makes the UD320 both water and impact resistant. Both are highly desirable features in any mobile accessory. The UD320 is crafted to the highest standards of quality and reliability and is covered by ADATA's lifetime warranty.

The ADATA DashDrive Durable UD320 is available on Amazon at prices ranging from $10 to about $36 depending on the seller and the capacity of the drive you select.

You can also find the UD320 at TigerDirect online with the 32 GB drive priced at $25 and the 16 GB drive selling for $16. Be sure to check for any current rebates which can further reduce these already affordable prices to an even better deal.

Newegg offers the 16 GB UD320 for about $10 with only 99 cent shipping. The 32 GB flash drive is available for $29 with free shipping.

UD320 Flash Drive Specifications

  • Capacity: available in 16GB or 32GB
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 1.6" x 0.6" x 0.3"
  • Weight: 0.3 oz
  • Interface USB 2.0

System requirements

  • PC: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Mac OS 9.X or higher, with no device driver needed
  • Mobile devices running Android 4.1 or higher