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Activity Trackers: Fit Bit Flex Achieves High Marks

Chicago Achievers Project Helps People Live Healthier
Chicago Achievers Project Helps People Live Healthier
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Fit Bit Flex


The FitBit Flex was recently put to test by more than 100 participants in the Chicago Achiever Project lead by a team of Chicago's top trainers organized by Andrea Metcalf. Participants received the FitBit Flex to help motivate them to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Participants were also given a SPRI stability ball, an opportunity to win a Champion Juicer, Rock 360 Versaflexx starter kits, books and DVD's and even race entries to keep them motivated to coming to weekly meetings despite the polar vortex of Chicago's winter. Participants were encouraged to try something new like a Free class at VIE Custom Fitness as well as achieving at least 10,000 steps everyday.

Healthy eating was encouraged with a lean protein and veggie/fruit combination diet plan. Simple changes like adding Core Power Protein to their breakfast or smart snacking with Nonni’s THINaddictives and California Almonds were also provided. Even simple ways to make any meal healthier were encouraged with Hooray Puree products while Plum Market provided the water to keep workouts hydrated each week.

The results were overwhelmingly positive. Weight loss up to 25 pounds in the 30 day project were recorded and attributed to by the "Achievers" as

1) FitBit Flex Tracking System

2) Simple Information

3) Coaches commitment and motivation.

The program is hoping to repeat in the spring to help people achieve improved health to enjoy the summer sunshine so dearly missed. If you are interested in learning more about the Chicago Achievers Project on facebook or

Trainers for the Chicago Achievers Project included: Sergio Rojas, Matt Lawson, David Myatt, Eric Pelz, Kosta Shilev, Gideon Akande, Tony Rivera, Mandi Roberts, Melissa DiLeonardo, Danielle Scanlon, Lisa Payne, John Kinneman, and Andrea Metcalf