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ActiveMotion bar

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ActiveMotion Bar


ActiveMotion Bar is a unique and complete progressive training system that is based upon Disruptive Training™. Disruptive Training™ is based on utilizing the body's experience of an unstable disruptive training stimulus. Watch the video below for a brief overview of how and why their approach works so effectively. Get fit, increase core strength and improve every aspect of your fitness with Disruptive Training.

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Their Philisophy - Disruptive Training

The essence of Disruptive Training is change. During Disruptive Training, ActiveMotion Bar changes the external exercising environment by challenging the body with a completely novel training stimulus–the unstable and dynamic ActivMotion Bar. Disruptive Training progresses people through three phases of training, with the end results being increased core strength, improved mind-muscle activation and awareness, and smart muscles that will protect and perform.

Disrupt. This phase is all about improving movement quality, sensing imbalance and correcting it, understanding the connection between the bar, the body and the mind, and activating muscles that are typically underactive. During this phase, you will be doing exercises that are primarily done on the floor and attempting to keep the unstable bar level and "quiet," with little velocity or movement in the bar. You'll experience immediate and intuitive biofeedback that will prepare your mind and muscles for the next phase of training.

Discover. In this phase, you'll transition to more active movements, working both your core and outer extremities with exercises done while lying on the floor and standing. You'll experience movement patterns and exercise sequences that further integrate the body with the bar. At this point, you "get it," you know how these workouts are unique and uniquely effective, and you're ready to see how far you can take your fitness with the ActivMotion Bar.

Define. With this phase, bigger dynamic movements begin to fully define and shape your body. That's because you're engaging muscles to react to the fullest degree with more challenging movements that incorporate momentum, velocity and resistance. All of your senses come into play-the sound of the bar's internal steel weights is at its crescendo, the body is in multi-planar motion, and you're moving forward to create change and build smart muscles.

My Review

After incorporating the ActiveMotion bar into my weekly fitness regimen, I am amazed at how this has increased my muscular strength and endurance. As an endurance athlete including ironman and marathons, the ActiveMotion bar has complemented my core strengthening adding the challenge of core stability to a variety of standard exercises and movements (squats, lunges, bending and twisting) while improving my body's balance.

The ActivMotion Bar’s offset weight ensures that both sides of your body are being trained equally if one side is weaker than the other and helps you figure out what unilateral strengthening you should be adding to your exercise regime. This is tremendous to my sport because I tend to favor the strong side of my body while swimming, biking and running. I definitely would recommend the ActivMotion Bar to athletes, fitness enthusiasts or anyone looking to maximize their physical fitness.

Don't believe me or still on the fence? Check out the other users who are raving about this fitness tool for the future! And stay tuned for a follow-up class review and accompanying video when we present the ActiveMotion bar to Hawaii athletes of Oahu's premier fitness boot camp and personal training program, 2CW-HI.


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